Man Utd 2-1 Barcelona: Thiago Scores A Beauty, L’il Michael Owen FTW (Highlights)

Chris Wright

31st, July 2011


By Chris Wright

It’s Sunday morning so I’ll keep this brief: Manchester United ensured they ended their pre-season tour of Yankland with a 5-for-5 record by beating Barcelona 2-1 in front of nearly 82,000 fans in Washington DC last night.

United went ahead in the 22nd minute when Nani poked a shot in off Victor Valdes’ gooch only to see their lead pegged back by a peachy strike from Thiago Alcantara in the 70th minute.

The parity lasted all of six minutes, until wee Micky Owen latched on to Tom Cleverley’s throughball, found himself one-on-one with Valdes and proceeded to prod home the winner with a rinky-dinky chip…

Video: MLS

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  1. youreds says:

    good goals

  2. AussieVillan says:

    Man U play their first team pretty much, Barca play a mixed squad

  3. Burner says:

    Hardly, you think Cleverley, Welbeck, Anderson are first choice? No Ferdinand, Valencia, Berbatov or Chicarito, atleast in the starting line up. Barca have Iniesta, Pedro, Thiago, Villa, Busquets, and Valdes. Perfectly reasonable line ups by both teams, and lots of changes. The main thing for united is giving the new signings time on the pitch.

  4. kevin says:

    82,000 is that a typo? i didn’t know that many yanks knew what football was.

  5. Nick Wiper says:

    thiago alcantara will win the world cup in 2014

  6. k9 says:

    @kevin mexicans….

  7. Jon says:

    @kevin eurosnobs…

  8. Steve says:

    @kevin Sorry, but who finished above England in their world cup group last year?

  9. JS says:

    Both were weakened teams, but while ManU was missing Rio, Valencia, Chicharito and Berba, Barca was without Xavi, Pique, Puyol, Alves, Mascherano, Jeffren, Sanchez and that fellah Messi.
    That’s rather more quality left on one bench than the other.

  10. Red_Devil says:

    I don’t think that Barca played a weaker squad as 9 of the starting 11 were players that were named in the CL final squad list: Valdes, Villa, Pedro, Iniesta, Abidal, Afellay, Keita,Thiago, Busquets.
    Compared to 5 of the starting 11 for Man Utd, 8 over all once all the subs were used.

  11. Varun says:

    Spoiler Alert: Friendly Match.
    Messi is worth half the team.
    Barca’s pre-season started later than ManU.

  12. Oz says:

    It’s 2-1, it’s a friendly, deal with it.

  13. Colin says:

    Who cares what the teams were. Neither would be of the opinion that it means anything aside from the two greatest clubs in the world going head-to-head in a mutually beneficial pre-season game. Apart from showcasing new players and fitness the match – and more so the result – was meaningless.

  14. nicko says:

    Great for united confidence.
    How on earth owen missed that sitter at the end……. lol
    Roll on the new season.

  15. the city is red. says:

    Utd played the weaker squad, but typical scared rival fans not got guts to admit it cause we won.

    Barca started with 6 champ lge finalist while we started with just 3.

    Barca started with alot of experienced players while we gave chances to young tom clverley, welbeck, evans, rafael, de gea…

    Oh but then again, we on, god forbid Utd beat the media-dubbed best in the world, barcelona, and do it with a squad that averaged a younger age then the spainsh gaints.

    typical scared rivals….the best side on the night won, deal with it.

  16. CHELSEA ROCKS says:

    what the crap monkey united play a copy like barca just before how monkey united defeated in champions league,, hahahahahahhahah

  17. Marching Red says:

    Were you *trying* to sound retarded? If so, great job.

    As for the match itself: No injuries; fitness levels improving; good outing for the youngsters of both teams. Not really bothered about the result.

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