Snapshot: Maradona Passes UAE Driving Test, Shoe-Horned Into Tacky Driving School Advert

Chris Wright

26th, September 2011

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By Chris Wright

Presenting: The cheapest-looking thing in Dubai for the 50 weeks a year that Wayne and Colleen aren’t in residence…

Saints be praised, Al Wasl’s new coach Diego Maradona has passed his UAE driving test – a fact which the Belhasa Driving Centre in Dubai celebrated by shoe-horning him in to one of the most awkward football-themed adverts since Turkish Airlines decided it should be Ryan Giggs that was shown chatting up the stewardess…

Thanks to Pies fan Dino for the nudge.

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1 Comment

  1. __wowza says:

    look, i understand park is korean, but did they REALLY have to have him playing videogames?

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