Snapshot: Celtic Striker Robbie Keane Still Celebrates With Rubbish Forward Roll

Ollie Irish

8th, March 2010


By Ollie Irish


Celtic’s Robbie Keane celebrates scoring his second goal of the game against lowly Falkirk with his famously crap forward roll.

The Hoops won 2-0 at Falkirk Stadium, with Keane bagging both goals, to keep alive their distant hopes of overhauling leaders Rangers in the SPL. The gap is now down to a mere ten points (ahem), but Rangers do also have a game in hand on their Old Firm rivals, so I’d say Celtic’s title hopes like somewhere between slim and none.

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  1. oller says:

    watch out for the equally embarrassing finger pistols.

  2. PIRA says:

    With a bit of luck Keano will be doing a few more goal celebrations for the Hoops.

    F*ck the Begrudgers

  3. max says:

    ollie, you must be a not very clever 10 year old.

  4. bob jones says:

    “yipeee! thats us just 10 points back now!”

    65K a week to score goals against Falkirk. Money well spent… NOT!

  5. bob jones says:

    PIRA? Strange name….

  6. Kraljski says:

    Ahh how his signing has annoyed some – GIRUY’s

  7. stevie says:

    its a celebration so dry ur eyes u pricks, rangers wud love 2hav him fs!!!

  8. ARTURO says:


  9. max says:

    It’s nothing like the alleged gang rapists celebrations!!
    If he makes a decent save he lies in the corner of his net masterbating sniffing a couple of pole dancers (ahem!) dirty knickers, trying to figure our how to get a hold of snatchos maws knicker that he wears during a game!!!
    Ps. Ive heard from a reliable source from aberdeen that there was a definite M&S label sticking out the back, although confirming the M&S quality & standard by saying that snatcho had very little VPL throughout his appearance!

  10. ARTURO says:

    i thought alchohol wasnt allowed at football games,i saw simon weston in directors box at greyskull and he looked melted!

  11. Are you serious? This is a quality celebration and its not just a ‘forward roll’ its also a cartwheel. Do you prefer more conservative celebrations like Alan ‘Shitbag’ Shearer’s boring one hand salute? You need to chill out and get off Robbie’s back.

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