Fabio Capello Loses His Cool, Rants At Photographers

Ollie Irish

9th, June 2010

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By Ollie Irish


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England manager Fabio Capello appears frustrated with the media during a training session at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Complex, Rustenberg, South Africa.

England gaffer Fabio Capello lost it with a small group of photographers before this morning’s World Cup training session (of which there are a few pics above).

Capello was pissed off when his players were filmed inside the top-secret England training complex: “Why do you take photos of the rooms? No excuses,” the Italian said.

After the rebuke Capello reportedly stood his ground, “angrily staring down the photographers”, before turning to walk onto the training pitch with his players.

No wonder the players are scared of him. EVERYONE is scared of Capello.

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1 Comment

  1. Sim says:

    Joe Cole is even more awesome than before. He has now mastered playing with two footballs! Not too sure where this will be a useful skill, but I believe he is the key to bridging England’s midfield and forward(s)…

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