Celtic Boss Neil Lennon Faces Three Match Ban For Calling St Mirren Midfielder Jim Goodwin ‘A Fanny’

Chris Wright

4th, April 2013


By Chris Wright


Celtic manager Neil Lennon is staring down the barrel of a three-match ban after Sky Sports’ pitchside microphones caught him swearing at St Mirren midfielder Jim Goodwin during Sunday’s SPL match between the two sides.

Shortly after Goodwin went in hard on Celtic’s Dylan McGeouch, Lennon could be heard sarcastically clapping the challenge and yelling “Well done Jim, you’re a f**king hard man, eh? You f**king fanny. F**king fanny.”

Goodwin himself has written it all off as a bit of TOP BANTZ:

“I’ve got no problem with [what Lennon said]. I’m just happy the Sky microphone wasn’t close enough to pick up my unprintable reply or else I’d be in trouble myself.

“Lenny probably wouldn’t have spoken to me again if he had heard my reply, but it was all a top bit of football banter and I have no problems at all.”

The Scottish Football Association have issued a notice of complaint against Lennon, who is to be charged with repeated use of foul/abusive language, and the Bhoys boss is due to have his case heard on 18th April unless he chooses to plead guilty.

Heh. “Fanny”. Heh heh.

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  1. Dave says:

    I hate Neil Lennon, but I hate this shite more, a 3 match ban for saying that? Some day soon fans in the stand will be getting those and then its the end of football

  2. Morto says:

    Sky are going to find a large increase in the number of mics damaged at football games, particularly in the dugout area, if this nonsense continues.

  3. C says:

    I always get confused with the UK/USA version of the word fanny. One is ass, one is pussy. Which one is it in the UK now again?
    Never mind, I’ll forget it 10 seconds after reading it anyway…

    • Chris says:

      @C: I can assure you, as your cultural ambassador, that “fanny” means “lady’s part” here in the UK.

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  5. Gerry says:

    So it OK for the word to be used many times in a TV advert for a famous Scottish soft drink but not anyone else???

  6. C says:

    A fannypack is very common in the US lol.


  7. Si says:

    @Gerry – Don’t be daft. The Irn Bru advert is a play on words, given that Fanny is also a name. It’s the type of blue humour that Brits love. Lennon calling someone a “fucking fanny” has slightly different connotations due to its use as an insult.

    In any event, anyone who uses the term “fanny” as an insult in 2013 needs banning for life, as it is about as abusive as Shakespeare’s favoured “biting one’s thumb”.

    What next, Alex Ferguson calling Suarez a low down dirty vagabond?

  8. Doctors Your Uncle says:

    To be fair, if anyone in modern football is a low down dirty vagabond, it’s Suarez. And I say that as a Liverpool man.

  9. thabigrat says:

    Doctors Your Uncle: its not as clear cut as you make it out to be. Let’s not forget Joey Barton (cos otherwise he will remind us)

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