Irish Amateur Fluffs Embarrassing Panenka Penalty, Attempts To Claim It Was ‘Sportsmanship’ (Video)

Chris Wright

25th, March 2014


By Chris Wright

Last weekend saw the huge derby clash between amateur sides Swords Celtic and Lorcan Celtic in the town of Swords, just outside Dublin.

Swords Celtic walked the game, but also managed to provide the howler of the match when, at 4-0 up and having just won a dubious penalty, Swords forward Mark O’Brien got overly cocky and attempted a bit of misguided fancy-pantsery with a Panenka penalty.

Unfortunately for O’Brien, the Lorcan ‘keeper was left bemused rather than fooled as his pathetic spot-kick bobbled gently into his waiting arms…

Having had a clip of his rubbish effort submitted to by one of his team-mates, O’Brien then did his level best to persuade everyone that he meant to pass the ball tamely back to the Lorcan ‘keeper – claiming he was merely making up for the fact that his winger dived by returning the ball sportingly to his opponents…

Anyone believe him?

(Tip o’ the hat to the chaps over at for spotting this one!)