Mark Hughes Appointed Stoke City Manager, ‘Hughes Out’ Campaign Begins Immediately

Chris Wright

30th, May 2013


By Chris Wright

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The underwhelming news was officially confirmed just before close of play last night that Stoke City have appointed Mark Hughes as their new manager, replacing Tony Pulis who left the club last week after seven reasonably successful years at The Britannia.

According to the BBC, Hughes has signed a three-year deal at Stoke, with chairman Peter Coates insisting to the Stoke Sentinel that he’s picked the right man for the job:

“[Hughes’] record speaks for itself. He has done excellently by anyone’s standards. He’s also a thoughtful, intelligent man with an intense desire to win.”

And a what a record the man has, especially of late. Who could forget his impeccable tenures at Fulham and QPR – where he managed eight wins in 34 games, losing 11 of his opening 12 league games in 2012/13 before being given a vote of no-confidence. Truly excellent.

Anyway, even before Sparky signed on the dotted line, Stoke fans were readying their ‘Hughes Out’ protest placards, with one bloke even rigging up a huge sign and fixing it to the back of his flatbed van and driving around the town on Wednesday…


The Stoke fan in question, a bloke named Carl, told the BBC all about why he fluffed £50 on kitting out his “Hughes Out-mobile” just to voice his dissatisfaction:

“It is not just me, it is the thoughts of 90% of Stoke fans. Security made me move on from the Britannia so I drove around.

“I parked on motorway bridges and people were beeping their support at me and taking photos.

“He is not a long-term appointment, look at his track record, but it looks as though he is going to be appointed anyway.”

We have a distinct feeling that this could get ugly.

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  1. tipo 00 says:

    ah well, they’ve had a good few years in the premier league. see you later stoke :(

  2. Si says:

    A warning to all football fans: be careful what you wish for when you try and oust a manager. Over a few teams are capable of snagging the Guardiolas of this world. The rest get stuck with the likes of Hughes. The grass is not always greener.

    Good luck staying in the Premier League, Stoke. You are going to need it.

  3. Rory says:

    Reminds me of when Villa appointed McLeish, and look how what turned out…

  4. marajonna says:

    Hughes’s record at Fulham was actually incredibly good we finished 8th which our second highest league finish ever. He failed to build for the future, clearly thought he was above us and decided QPR were a better prospect than us making him, quite rightly, an A grade shit in the eyes of most fans. however he wasn’t a bad manager, sadly I have a feeling this might just work out for stoke. That is until a deep pocketed twitterphile takes over at port vale that he can swindle fortunes from.

  5. steak says:


    Oooh sparky friend

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