Photos: Ryan Shawcross Trains With England

Ollie Irish

2nd, March 2010


By Ollie Irish


Ryan Shawcross looks out from England’s team coach at the inevitable photographers waiting to capture his first training session for his country, ahead of tomorrow’s friendly against Egypt at Wembley

Most lenses were trained on Shawcross as he trained with England today. The Stoke defender, in the headlines for his leg-breaking challenge on Aaron Ramsey, has been warmly welcomed into the England set-up, with heavy hitters such as Fabio Capello, Wayne Rooney and Stuart Pearce all defending him.

More photos of the session below:


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  1. Neutral Fan says:

    Jesus Christ, you’re going all out to demonise him aren’t you?

  2. Ollie says:


    No, course not. I think people want to see pics of England training though, and are particularly curious to see Shawcross.

  3. Binha says:

    Who would want do demonise this good old English lad? He’s the one who deserves sympathy, who cares about the young Welsh lad at the hospital with a broken leg.

  4. The Truth says:

    I hope breaks Terry’s legs.

  5. Michael says:

    Incredible bunch of morons – pussy Terry, junkie Ferdinand, LesCashCott, thug Shawcross, Cashley Cole, holy diver Gerrard, BarryCash… God save the Queen indeed.

  6. Ben says:

    Some great nicknames there – BarryCash? What’s that even a pun on? LesCashCott? How about Dough-leon Lescott? At least that makes sense.

    Seriously though, whatever you think of Shawcross as a player or a person, and whether or not you agree with Wenger’s complaints about Arsenal being kicked around, nobody can watch that challenge and honestly think it was malicious.

  7. Firstplace says:

    That’s what England deserve. A team full of cheaters, divers, thugs, drug takers, granny shaggers and penalty bottlers.

  8. epiblast says:

    Ollie, you should have photoshopped over the “Emergency Exit – Break Glass” bit so that it read “Emergency Exit – Break Leg”.

  9. kritter says:


    Are you serious? He came in flapping like a monkey, totally out of control. Maybe not malicious, but totally moronic.

  10. anon says:

    Aside from the fact he was a fraction of a second late and if it wasnt for the unfortunate result no-one would have even mentioned the tackle again, “flapping like a monkey??” Your simile is totally out of control. Maybe not malicious, but totally moronic.

  11. DaVE says:

    White bibs= starting eleven?

  12. KB says:

    Thanks for uploading the photos Ollie. I appreciate your efforts.

    Just want to make a point about the use of the term tackle though. Everyone (even Stoke fans) is using the term to describe the Ramsey-Shawcross incident, but we really should be discussing a collision as neither player had possession of the ball before they came together. I say this as the definition of tackle is:

    The act of obstructing a player in order to cause loss of possession of the ball.


    to try to take the ball from a player on the other team.

    If people used the term collision, it would more accurately portray the incident.

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