Football GIF: Mario Balotelli Stamps On Scott Parker’s Face

Chris Wright

23rd, January 2012


By Chris Wright

In which, shortly before scoring the winning penalty in Man City’s at-the-buzzer victory over Tottenham yesterday afternoon, Mario Balotelli – for reasons unknown – quite obviously rakes his studs down Scott Parker’s Tibetan Fox face…

Not our Mario’s finest moment. In fact, it’s pretty disgusting on his part. Needless, opportunistic, completely intentional and potentially incredibly dangerous – not to mention a nailed-on red-card offence.

We don’t want to go all Daily Mail on you, but Parker could have been blinded given the angle and venom behind the stamp. Balotelli had no idea where he was planting those studs as he raked at his prone opponent. Could’ve been cheek, could’ve been forehead, could’ve been eye socket.

Couple this with Joleon Lescott’s forearm crack across Younes Kaboul’s jaw…

…going completely unpunished and it seems that the FA may have a fair bit of retrospective work to get through this week.

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  1. niflheim says:

    Here’s the gif of Lescott’s arm to Kaboul’s face…

  2. Goaltastic says:

    Is it just me that thinks he didn’t do that on purpose?

    • Chris says:

      @Goaltastic: Absolutely no doubt in my mind that he deliberately stamps. The movement of the leg is too sharp to be natural.

  3. dennis says:

    I believe you and Lee Dixon are the only two.

  4. Thrills says:

    The GIF makes it look worse.

    Watching the whole video shows that he’s just spun around, and is unlikely to know where Parker has fallen.

    I don’t think he did it on purpose either!

  5. SL says:

    It was a stamp and should be a 3 game ban, the FA are gutless and will let him off though.

    Funny how they punish a small club like QPR when Barton does literally nothing but Fat Frank tries to break someones leg and gets let off and Mario stamps on someones head and nothing will be done, same goes for the forearm smash.

  6. ZannettiIsASaint says:

    nope, balotelli is regaining his balance. The gif slows down the action making it look bad but the incident occurred in a split second, no way balotelli had the time to consider hurting parker.Also from another angle you see that he barely grazes parkers head.

  7. Scott says:

    If there was someone underneath me and I was falling, I wouldn’t stamp my foot down to regain my balance, I’d fall and roll, especially on grass.


  8. niflheim says:

    FA is charging Balotelli, no punishment for Lescott.

  9. Nabillion says:

    He dint intend to stamp his face , but he did want to kick him… no one regains balance like that

  10. Tom Jones says:

    What a dirty club. 4 games is too little and what did Lescott get??

  11. Jamie says:

    Two things:

    1) Both are not red cards for me. No intention or malice in both challenges.

    2) Spurs need to man up and stop being such p*ssies. Scott Parker was lucky to get away with studs up, two-footed challenge. Man City were bulldozing through players all game, while Spurs players look to the ref for help instead of getting stuck in themselves. Tottenham are way too naive and nice.

  12. bambi says:

    Lescott’s looks even more deliberate than Balotelli’s to me…

  13. Mark says:

    I don’t even understand what you guys are debating, in what universe could Balotelli’s – obvious as hell – stamp be construed as accidental?

  14. tendon not is says:

    Balotelli’s stamp is as accidental as Pepe’s on Messis hand.

  15. fouldsy says:

    that lad is a horrible, horrible bastard

  16. Stinky Feet says:

    No intention on the first, gif changes perspective, trust me, I’m reporting from the foot of the man himself!

  17. unitedFixation says:

    Its not balotelli’s fault. I would often think why .. why do footballers do such stupid things when they know evidence will convict them. Turns out the fans are as deluded as them. Please the comments section for further evidence. Balotelli you are innocent. We are the f**ing idiots who thought that was a deliberate and dangerous stamp. You wer just ‘regaining balance’. I am so angry right now I wanna ‘regain my balance’ around some of the posters around here.

  18. Mr. Realistic says:

    That shows how stressed were the City players…

    Spurs gave them one hell of a game , gr8 Tottenham , with half the players,half money , half or even less than half of everything that city got , they were actually going to win the game …

    Tottenham playes showed quality in this game, unlike the city players..

    hard luck for Spurs fans …

  19. Soccer Steve says:

    Balo clearly throws his heel back knowing it will hit something. It is intentional. I don’t know how you could think otherwise.

  20. garza says:

    Why is it always him? I think Balotelli’s got problems but this is the one time I don’t think he did it totally on purpose. Agree with the others who’ve seen the entire clip and think he couldn’t have seen Parker’s head there because he was spinning around. But I suspect that he may have thought he was running up against a leg or an arm so he stepped back hard. Still not excusable but I don’t think he would have purposely slammed a boot in someone’s face, just his other body parts…

  21. u lot are dikheads if u think it was on purpose

  22. alf says:

    i`m disgusted that balotelli`s deliberate stamp is considered to be half as bad as suarez namecalling there is no justice there at all,when i was a child i was taught that sticks and stones may break my bones but names may never hurt me.what has changed have these millionaire footballers now become so sensitive they musn`t be challenged,if someone calls me a name whether it contains a colour or not i have an easy reply and it leaves no effect at i the only person who suspects that some people are using the race card to advantage.

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