Looks Like Roy Hodgson Is Planning To Start Harry Kane For England Against Lithuania (Photo Evidence)

Chris Wright

24th, March 2015


By Chris Wright

A little bit of super sleuth work from the chaps over at Squawka has revealed that it looks very much as though Roy Hodgson is planning to hand new cap Harry Kane his first England start against Lithuania on Friday – especially if the subtle clues contained in this ‘ere photo are anything to go by…


Zoom in on that notepad.

Rotate 0º.



Could be something. Could be nothing, but it very much looks like Roy is running drills to see how his first-choice attack fare against his defensive minions.

Since England’s only other proper striker (Daniel Sturridge) has been ruled out of the Lithuania game, why the hell not throw Kane straight in and see how he gets on.

With 29 goals this season and 14 so far this calendar year alone, surely Roy would be mad not to give Sizzlin’ Kane* the nod?

(*Yes, that was a Citizen Kane pun. Apologies where due)