Champions League: Your Experience Of Ivan Rakitic’s Superb Volley Against Tottenham Isn’t Truly Complete Without Loopy Dutch Commentary (Video)

Chris Wright

4th, October 2018

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You may have watched Barcelona run roughshod over Tottenham in the Champions League last night and you may even think you enjoyed the sight of Ivan Rakitic adopting balletic technique to volley a hip-height rasper in off the post.

However, we’re here to tell you that, thus far, you’re experience is totally, laughably, pitifully incomplete.

Here’s Rakitic’s goal again, but this time with commentary from Sierd de Vos – the Dutch broadcasting world’s answer to Larvell Jones from Police Academy…

“BOOM! *crchcchchchchhh* WE HAVE IGNITION!”

Yes, De Vos did call him ‘Ivan Rocketic’ and, yes, this is how Pies will be referring to Rakitic from this point on.

The best bit? Sierd de Vos’ name literally translates in English as ‘Decorate the Fox’.

We officially have a new favourite commentator.