Martin O’Neill is too good for Aston Villa

Ollie Irish

4th, August 2006


If you’ve not heard the news, Martin O’Neill is 99% certain to be Aston Villa‘s new manager. Frankly, what have they done to deserve him? They’re getting an ‘Aston Martin’ (headline writers rejoice!) when I picture the hapless Midlands club more as a burnt-out Austin Allegro.

Many Villa fans cling to the notion of their club as a ‘sleeping giant’, but in case anyone hadn’t noticed, Roman Abramovitch has all but destroyed that quaint concept. In the past 100 years, Burnley have had much more success than most clubs now in the Premiership, but I dont’ hear anyone refer to them as a sleeping giant these days.

Martin O’Neill is too good for Aston Villa continued…

As an England fan, I’m sure I speak for the majority in demanding that
Steve McClaren and O’Neill swap jobs; McClaren is the perfect mid-table
manager for a comedy club like Villa. I still can’t understand how the bungling FA overlooked
the most charismatic and talented boss in possession of a British
passport… scratch that, of course I can – this is the FA we’re talking

The one positive is that Martin O’Neill is back in the Premiership, rather than perched on a sofa with Alan Shearer in some BBC studio. O’Neill vs Mourinho is a managerial battle to be savoured.

But rather than jump into the hot seat at Villa Park, I’d suggest that O’Neill waits a few months, until Alex Ferguson resigns as Man Utd manager. I think that’s a very real possibility – all Man U fans I know want Fergie to go. Then the Irishman could claim the job his talent warrants, at Old Trafford.

Ollie Irish

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  1. Joe says:

    Realistically speaking, I think Villa are counting on O’Niell to turn the club around. I don’t buy the sleeping giant analogy, Villa are a club on the slide and they’re hoping O’Niell can come in and make changes, rather than just be a catalyst. Villa do have some isolated talent but I think wholesale changes are in the offing and I think O’Niell with be given freedom to really give the club a facelift. As for the England post, I would have liked to see either Allardyce or Stuart Pearce in the job. I am sick of seeing boring Sven perched on the edge of the dugout yawning and half asleep, its no wonder England played wet fish football until they were eliminated in the usual manner. Its a shame that an England side with such an astonishing array of talent found a way to be mediocre in Sven’s system, I fear McClaren may be the apple that does not fall far from the tree and this group of footballers will go into the books in a similar fashion as the Brazil ’82 team. The great team that never won anything.

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  4. stokes says:

    I personaly think the person who wrote this is an idiot aston villa have all the prospects of a large club such as big ground good fans and a billionare chairman they are sleeping gaints and i think things are going to change for the better.