Inter ‘working to sign Steven Gerrard’

Ollie Irish

18th, January 2010


By Ollie Irish


Ollie’s Photoshop skills = almost as bad as Liverpool’s form this season

“Inter are working to sign Steven Gerrard [this summer], given that Liverpool are in economic difficulty,” an Inter source has told Corriere dello Sport.

I have no idea if there’s any truth in this, or if the source is real, but I would very much like it to happen this summer, if only to see a major English player take a risk for once by moving – willingly, mind – to a foreign club.

Too many English stars are content to play their club fooball at home, understandably given the rewards on offer in the Premier League; being loyal to one club can be a good thing but I also think it can be symptomatic of a lack of ambition and vision. Why not test yourself in another big league and simultaneously embrace a new culture? I’d have loved to see Ryan Giggs play for Barcelona, for example, or Ashley Cole for Juventus, say.

If Rafa stays at Anfield and continues to balls things up, Gerrard might as well move elsewhere for the final act of his playing career. Who knows, perhaps he could make the same impact at the San Siro as Paul Ince once did.

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  1. Adam Axon says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. Top English players and managers should seek to move to the continent to enhance their game. It will do wonders for the quality of English football long term.

    As a United supporter it would pain me to see it. But the same thing should apply to Wayne Rooney. A move to Barcelona would challenge him like United just can’t do at the moment. He’d be a much better player for it.

    My two cents,

  2. Sir bob says:

    30mill plus for a 30 year old………… sell sell sell

  3. Ollie says:

    @ Adam – English football is too insular, which is not only bad for homegrown players but also for imports who find the Prem something of a closed shop, with English cliques in most dressing rooms. Easier to adapt in Spain or Italy, I’d say, as their cultures are more relaxed, open and mature.

  4. DAVE says:

    I’ve been a LFC supporter since approx 1953,and enjoyed all the successes like everyone else! and it dissapoints me to see the direction that the ‘owners’have taken the club.Unfortunately David Moores,who unlike his uncle,(‘successful in business’),made the wrong decision in selling to the Americans!Basically it was’n’t wrong for him to receive something out of selling the ‘club’,because he had in the past put a lot of his own fortune into the ‘club’,(the ‘YANKS’ have put nothing into the ‘club’from their own pockets!),and should have expected something at least when selling! I’m certain that what has transpired since is taking it’s toll on his mental health! He was and still is a LFC supporter!However he made a mistake! and LFC have to build again.
    However I wish to comment on the rumours regarding Steven Gerrard’s possible move to Inter Milan.A number of LFC players have moved to the ‘continent’ in the past,(it’s their prerogative to do that),and I am not against any player doing that,however I can remember ‘vividly’ what happened in the return fixture against Inter Milan,after LFC had won the first leg at Anfield 3-1.Then lost 3-0 in the second leg,after the referee had been bribed by Inter Milan.He was banned from the game sometime later because of that very fact! What would appal me is for any Liverpool player,(present or ex!),to sign for a club,(in this case ‘INTER MILAN’ that has pulled a stunt like that!!! ‘ENOUGH SAID’

  5. Ciaran says:

    Stevie has looked despondent most of the season, You can sense that he feels that most of the players around him don’t cut it. you need 7 or 8 really top quality players to compete at the top of the Prem. We have 3 world class, Stevie, Pepe, and Fernando, alas Carra who used to fit that bill is getting slower. Benitez can argue all he likes about funds, but he has spent more than Man U, Arsenal or Chelsea over th last 3/4 yrs and most of those players have moved on, ie Crouch (wonderful link player) Bellamy, a terror to any defence , Keane, (it wasnt his fault! – a proven goal machine, who Benitez did not want,) Pennant, Riera (Underused) Voronin. Current players N’gog El Zahr, Glen Johnson, Lucas , Babel, — NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

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