Roberto Mancini Sacked By Man City – Did He Ever Properly Get To Grips With City’s Luxury Liner?

Chris Wright

14th, May 2013


By Chris Wright

Soccer - FA Cup - Final - Wigan Athletic v Manchester City - Wembley

We appreciate that you’ve probably already heard by now unless you spent last night sleeping in a skip, but after a season of runner-uppery, Man City sacked Roberto Mancini after three-and-a-half years in charge at The Etihad.

In fact, Mancini was canned exactly a one year to the very day after winning the Premier League in the final second of last season. Quite the anniversary.

Anyway, Bob’s sacking came as little surprise to anybody, with the seeds of doubt being sown a week or so ago as rumblings about clandestine meetings with Manuel Pellegrini began emanating from Spain. Mancini looked and sounded like a beaten man when he had a jibe at the club’s hierarchy after the FA Cup Final for not nipping speculation over his job prospects in the bud and letting the speculation carry on unabashed.

As City manager, it always felt like Mancini was holding something back all the time. Not that all Italians have a pathological catenaccio fetish, but it seemed like Mancini had all the tools at his disposal to transform City into the best side to watch in the Premier League, yet still the likes of Silva, Yaya, Tevez and Aguero appeared to be just that bit hemmed in by their coach’s cautious, “solid foundations-centric” nature. With those kinds of flair players available, City should be a fizzing, carefree, effervescent bundle of energy steamrollering through their opposition. Instead they’re just a bit drab most of the time.

Several names are being mooted as Mancini’s successor, but the smart money is on Pellegrini as, as per with these things, there’s never that amount of smoke without fire. Pellegrini built his reputation by extolling the virtues of methodical, flexible offense with his Spanish sides – it could just be the sea change City need to turn their luxury liner around.

Any thoughts Pies fans? Is Pellegrini the man you want to see take over at City, or is there someone else you reckon is perfect for the job?

What about Bobby? He’ll be widely sought after. Where will he end up? Surely it’s nailed-on that he’ll have taken over at newly-promoted and vastly wealthy Monaco come August (with Gael Clichy his first signing)?

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  1. squiggle says:

    I’m in two minds. I think it’s a bit hard because he’s led the club to considerable success, but I also doubt that he was never going to be City’s Ferguson/Wenger.
    To some extent his public criticisms made a welcome change from those for whom their players can do no wrong (Tony Pulis) but I think there’s a difference between being criticial and pretty much just calling your players twats and sometimes he tended too much towards the latter. That’s not a great way to build a happy, cohesive team.

  2. usrick says:

    Hard for anybody except pale-blue-clad Mancunians to care who replaces Roberto. As for where goes next, he never looked comfortable in the Manchester rain so my guess is Monaco or some other sun-drenched locale.

  3. Mike says:

    I honestly think he was rubbish at city. Last season he had by far the most superior squad in the league in terms of talent and depth, yet he still only barely managed to win the league on goal difference. He never had the full respect of or control over his players (ex tevez, balotelli). This season he didnt seem to be able to push his players of give them any motivation to retain the title. If Pellegrini comes in I think its going to be a different story.

  4. Nuno says:

    It always seemed to me Mancini doesn’t deserve the team he had. He seems to always be complaining like he must have an F1 car to win a Porsche race. I mean, he moaned for not getting van Persie when he has Aguero, Tevez and Dzeko in his squad!
    With the players at his disposal City had the obligation to win more or at least play a lot better. End of story, deservedly.
    I think Pellegrini may be a great replacement, at least they should start playing a more attacking football.

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