New Burnley Signing Joey Barton Once Made Less-Than-Complimentary Comments About Burnley On Twitter

Chris Wright

28th, August 2015

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After being released back into the wild by QPR at the start of the summer, Joey Barton signed up for a season at Burnley yesterday.

In fact, it was revealed that Barton was wooed into joining the Clarets after manager Sean Dyche cooked lunch for the 32-year-old midfielder.

As you’d expect with a belly full of grub, Barton was all sweetness and light while breaking the news to his legions of Twitter followers that evening…


However, it then came to light that Barton hadn’t always been quite so complimentary about Burnley and its inhabitants in the past.

Barton made the glib comments after becoming embroiled in a silly Twitter spat with a Clarets fan following a tumultuous game at Turf Moor in 2014 during in which the then-QPR man was clonked on the head by a Coke bottle thrown from the crowd.


After a bit of back-and-forth, Barton eventually began delving into his very finest Burnley material…


He riffed on the size of the crowd at Turf Moor…


He then riffed on the size of the crowd at Turf Moor…


Then came the sarcasm…


And then came the grand finale, which was something to do with tractors…


Oh, zing. Help yourself to a complimentary Coke, Mr Barton.

Listen, if you’re going to future-jeopardise your transfers, then at least do it properly – i.e, the Julio Rey way.