What Do The Bookies Know About Fernando Torres And Chelsea?

Ollie Irish

27th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

According to the ticking news machine that is Sky Sports News, some bookies have stopped taking bets on Fernando Torres joining Chelsea. Interesting – the bookies usually know what’s what.

I should add that no other news outlet has reported this, so I wonder if this story comes from a work experience boy at Sky whose mate works for Paddy Power. My scepticism is at a healthy level, still.

I really didn’t see beefy Torres going anywhere but Man City, but perhaps Roman Abramovich has ordered Carlo Ancelotti to go after Torres? We’ll find out soon enough.

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  1. Chris says:

    All I will say is that bookies are usually a fairly accurate barometer of things to come.

  2. You obviously haven’t checked the news… The betting shops gave official announcements sky sports news is actually late as this happened last night… TalkSport also reported 2 separate and VERY reliable sources say that the move is more or less done and dusted for around £46mil…

  3. ah li says:

    this fragile and bastard player, please leave liverpool asap! your attitude is not deserved to be anfield legend! fuck off u torres!

  4. chelsea says:

    torres deserves to be at a club where he can get success he has given 3 years to liverpool and got no silverware from it. liverpool fans should be happy they would be getting at least 50 million for it and at least he is not going to arch rivals man u or rivals for 4th place man city this is exactly the type of signing chelsea need to have a real go at the champions league

    ps table to finish
    2nd:Manchester City
    4th:Manchester United
    7th:Aston Villa
    9th:West Ham

  5. manxfella says:

    clearly this reporter dose’nt have a clue, why would torres leave for man city, they too are not in the champions league and torres would not be the same player there, at liverpool he is already a legend, at man city he will just be another super star, and for chelsea theres no chance, sorry to say the bookies no nothin, nando at liverpool next season put your house on it

  6. dave says:


    torres says he’s staying. can we put this rumour to bed yet? i’m sick of hearing that the deal is already done with chelsea/city/whoever. for all i hear about how credible your sources are, they just aren’t correct.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    fucky off tranny

  9. Jerry says:

    “the bookies usually know what’s what” LOL! That really made me laugh.

    What selective memories you all have. It was just a few weeks back that all the bookies had Steven Gerrard a dead cert to join Real Madrid.

    Bookies odds and any decision to suspend betting is almost entirely based on the volume of bets they get and an assesment of potential losses, not inside information.

  10. dom says:

    it was the same a few seasons bk wen they stopped takin bets on stoke 2 be relegated from the premiership n paid out 4 ppl hu had placed bets. last time i checked stoke r still in da prem. Liverpool for the league this season if not next

  11. jakke says:

    torres will not leave unless chelsea go MAD on cash like pay 70m and 300.000 grand a week when we could sign 4 good players with in that budjet

  12. sanj says:

    instead of saying bad things about nando please respect him. He came to england and to Liverpool to won things. He hasn’t won anything how fair is that? Just stop and think about how he must be feeling watching other clubs and players who are rubisher than him winning something. Be grateful. We finished 7th with torres in the team where would be have finsihed without him?????????????

  13. sanj says:

    Torres will always be loved xxx

  14. Dava says:

    Torres is a cunt! … That is all.

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