Fernando Torres Staying At Liverpool: ‘I’m At The Best Club In The Country’

Ollie Irish

3rd, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

So Fernando Torres is staying at Liverpool… for now. In an interview with Liverpoolfc.tv, he confirmed that he is happy to stay at ‘the best club in the country’ (no laughing at the back).

Some choice quotes from the interview:

On new manager Roy Hodgson:

“I really appreciated the fact that Roy came out to see me while I was on my holidays. He told me about his plans for the club and what he wanted from me and I appreciated that. I hope he will be the right man to reach the targets of Liverpool Football Club and I am really looking forward to working with him. At the moment I am training just on my own but as soon as I can I will train with the team and with the new manager.”

On Joe Cole:

“He is the kind of player I like to play with and the kind of player who can take the team to a higher level. His passing is unbelievable so hopefully he can start the season well because I am sure he will be a key player for us.”

On his own future at Liverpool:

“This is the best club in the country so the targets and expectations are always high. Hopefully we can stay at our level. At Liverpool the aim is to fight for every title. It was difficult last season but we are sure we can improve this season. I am really happy to be back, really happy to stay with all my teammates. My commitment and loyalty to the club and to the fans is the same as it was on my first day when I signed.”

This is exactly what I expected to happen, and Torres has said exactly what Liverpool fans wanted to hear. So everyone’s happy like Larry, but I wonder for how much longer? Until Nando tweaks his first hamstring of the new season, I guess. Still, it’s a great boost for Uncle Woy and his Wed Wevolution.

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  1. Donner Meat says:

    Fantastic news. Even in the UEFA cup, coming out to Anfield every week must be too much for Nando too give up. Or probably because his Cadbury Flake legs/poor World Cup put off Manchester City.

    Either way im made up.

  2. Tinez says:

    We could use some of whatever they injected him with to rule the world, it is clearly very powerful stuff.

  3. freakz says:

    Sorry, but how are Liverpool ‘the best club country’ when they finished 7th last season? Has the criteria changed that drastically meaning the only trophies that count are from 20 odd years ago? BIZARRE.

  4. PhilandoTorres says:

    *In the voice of Norman from The Wire*

    Praises be!

  5. Ste says:

    Liverpool is a legendary Club, the most successful in England, Liverpool have earned their name and status unlike manc city and chelsea, who were nothing but mediocre medium sized clubs who have tried to buy their name.

  6. honest john says:

    I think when he says the best club in the country, he means the best all round club. Historia, warm, spirit and supported. As for recent sucess then Man.U & Chelsea top them. Arsenal nowhere. Their best sucess rate is top 4.They have won nothing for 5 Years & never in Europe, same as Chelsea in that one. I believe Tottenham are a 1 season wonder, better suited to domestic cup comps. They over acheived last season., where Liverpool under acheived. City are spenmding big again but I cant see them getting any stronger. Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs & even Villa will take costly points off them this time out. With the news that big money buyers are in for Liverpool, they will spend big where its needed, so I seen the league returning to the same top 4 with City, Villa and Spurs chasing.

  7. honest john says:

    As for freaks. I seem to remenber LFC winning a Mickey mouse trophy over in Istanbul, AN fa Cup at wembley & finishing second in the premiership 2 seasons ago. Apart from Utd and Chelsea winning the premiership they have the best record over the last 6 to 8 years.

  8. freakz says:

    WOW!!! Well Honest John, that’s me told. My god, it’s true, LFC fans are delusional and full of shit. “Apart from Utd and Chelsea winning the Premiership they have the best record over the last 6 to 8 years” HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! It’s too funny and sad to argue that one. Ta ra.

  9. honest john says:

    Then you tell me who has better. Put your money where your mouth is or are you just full of sh**

  10. Clancy says:

    @honest john


    Wallop… Ian St. John in tears. Last season Bolton played better football than you.

    You’re only as good as your last hit.

  11. honest john says:

    now i know i am talking to a kid. go get your tea sonny

  12. honest john says:

    rather than anonomously commenting tell us who you support. lmao

  13. honest john says:

    prob a mank

  14. Clancy says:

    I’m from Highbury and I support Arsenal and we are better than Liverpool. End of.

  15. Jimbo says:

    Pretty much everyone is better than Liverpool right now.

    A man found a genie and the genie said to him, ‘You have one wish, and one wish only. What do you wish for?’
    ‘To live forever!’ replied the man.
    ‘Sorry, I can’t grant wishes like that.’
    So the man thought and thought. ‘Okay! I want to die when Liverpool win the league.’
    The genie laughed. ‘You crafty bastard!’

  16. Zena Dukmak says:

    I hope that fernando torres changes his mind and go to Barcelona plzzz

  17. Connor says:

    Zena… really? they have villa and ibrahimovich and you propose that a club saving their money for a desperate bid to sign fabregas should instead choose to pay crazy money for the most expensive and most fragile player they can buy? you know nothing.

  18. beyene says:

    WOW!!! it’s unbelievable Ihope allfans including me are on agreat shok
    lovely hogson please have alook for remyand defour+young/bridge+figuora,thanks .from ethiopia,abig fan of liverpool ever and ever.

  19. Ping Yang says:

    @ Ste: I’m tired of people like you who keep bringing up that Chelsea bought there way to the top. So what if Chelsea and Manchester City have loads of cash. Yeah, Chelsea don’t have a amazing history but there creating ones right now. They needed to start somewhere to go to the top. It isn’t the clubs fault. The money was fucking there to be used.

    You need to stop bragging about the past and look and respect the current situation, which is that there are new teams emerging. I hate Manchester City buying all the players but I respect that they were lucky enough to have the cash. So why not go and spend it?

    I hate Manchester United but even I know they WILL beat your premier league title record. Its not a statement but an inevitability. You can’t protect it forever. And with your current team/situation you are gonna have to wait A LONG TIME to lift another one.

  20. Jimbo says:

    lovely hogson haha

  21. deckard says:

    @ping yang
    i’m a neutral, don’t support neither team but do you wanna say is that liverpool have one of the most impressive and rich history of all teams in europe and the fans are extremely proud of it, not only that, but you won’t find more loyal fans than scourers, so to speak. whereas for chelsea fans man utd is just direct competition, liverpool fans hate “scum utd” with a passion that’s build up over decades of fierce rivalry. so it’s very hard to for pool fans to accept that it’s possible a club can come form nowhere and with an injection of big money from a sugardaddy who came along become a top side pretty much overnight.

    as a neutral, i enjoy that epl is no longer a 2-horse race but now has a top 4 and maybe more in the future. there comes a time pool fans and others against it should just accept that the football climate’s changed for good. but i probably have more admiration for lfc than cfc because the former has such an incredible past which you can only have a lot of respect for.

  22. Gibby says:

    Has Clancy been on the tom cruise ? ? ? AFC are not even a british team anymore. They may play in Landon but that’s about it. CFC only became fashionable to support when guys like Tim Lovejoy and Johnny Vaughn started bleeting about their team,and as far Man Yoo what if old Awec has a sudden heart attack (very poss as he’s scottish and hails from Govan where the life expectancy is 56 !!! ) who carry’s on his legacy and what a poisoned chalice that would be. 1st season and nae trophies!!! the wee yella and green men would be up and arms.LFC have a mountain to climb but retaining loyal players like Torres & Gerrard can only help get them their and recruit like minded players.

  23. Ping Yang says:

    @ Deckard

    Don’t get me wrong, I have huge respect for Liverpool’s history. And its no secret that Liverpool fans brag about it any chance they get. What pisses me off is the arrogance. Not every club has the same rich history, so why can’t they start building it right now? Everyone knows that football is money orientated. That will never stop. So I just want fucking Liverpool fans like “STE” to accept the fact that there are other teams trying to create there own history. Even if they are “abusing” money. Times have changed.

    As for you since you are a neutral than you obviously respect the fact that teams are growing stronger with money. And are happy that other teams are trying to create there own dynasty. Like I said before I respect teams like Man City because they are doing nothing wrong. They have the money, so why not spend? I respect that times have changed. Its time that other dumbasses (not necessarily Liverpool fans) like “STE” understand as well.
    AND Chelsea have actually been trying to build on there history for quite sometime. Contrary to your beliefs, Chelsea didn’t get the cash and win the Premier League the next day. It actually took them a while. A couple of FA cups, super cups and fourth/fifth place finishes THAN finally Mourinho propelled us to the top. So it didn’t happen over night. Chelsea were building quite strongly and the cash just gave them that finishing touch. That is why Man City will find it hard and struggled last season. They got the money from out of the blue. It will take them a few seasons to win some trophies and work hard (fourth/fifth place finishes) to finally win the Premier League. So I think your comments are pretty shit.

  24. Jimbo says:

    Gibby, did you forget that we got ‘nay’ (meaningful) trophies last season? The United’s new boss conversation is for another thread but it certainly isn’t a poison chalice. Whoever it is will struggle but not to the extent that you’re making it out.

    As for Liverpools’ amazing technicoloured history, it’s all good up to a point. History is about bragging rights and about respect but without anything to show for it in several years, it’s going to become less and less relevant and eventually you’ll have the argument of ‘oh!! Leeds United were great back in the day, too!’

    @Ping Yang, 100% mate
    It always gets me how people have started comparing Man City with Chelsea. Chelsea were relevant before the take-over, Chelsea still had respectable, big names knowing who they were and wanting to come to them, Chelsea still came in the top for. Man City were a bottom of the Premier league type of team and they lucked out because some rich Arab basically bought them for a laugh.

  25. Clancy says:


    how many English players in Liverpool’s youth team? Arsenal has some of the brightest young English talent comeing through. Theo walcott and Jack Wilshere (who looks set to play for England against Hungary) are just the tip of the iceberg.

    Mascherano made more tackles and touched the ball more than ANY other player in the league last season, as a result of Stevie GBH going walkabout too much. Finding someone to plug that gap is the most important thing for them.

    Also, foreigners rule!

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