Martin Jol claims diving Didier Zokora was simply off balance

Ollie Irish

2nd, October 2006

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Jol_shruggingTottenham boss Martin Jol’s latest purchase seems to be a timeshare in Arsene enger’s rose-tinted specs. The rotund Dutchman claims that midfielder Didier Zokora was off-balance when he ‘accidentally’ won the match-winning penalty for Spurs against Portsmouth yesterday.

"He said he was off-balance and assured me he didn’t dive.I know this player and I have got to believe him if he said he was off-balance," said Jol. "Zokora also assures me that gullible has been removed from the dictionary," he might as well have added.

Judge the incident for youself (snigger) by clicking here.

[Rob Parker]

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1 Comment

  1. joe says:

    I think its irresponsible of managers to turn such a blind eye to diving, certainly Jol would be fuming if this sort of decision had gone against him. The problem is that the pressure to win is so great and the players and coaches multi-million dollar livelihoods depend on gaining results. Sportsmanship goes right out the window because if you win, no matter what the means, there is a big bag of cash waiting for you.