Cristiano ‘It’s Not About The Money’ Ronaldo Snubs Man City Move

Chris Wright

14th, June 2011


By Chris Wright

Not that anybody (except the Daily Mirror) ever thought he would for a split-second, but Cristiano Ronaldo himself has put the kibosh on rumours that he may be teetering on the edge of an exorbitant £150 million move to Manchester City, telling a Spanish radio station that ‘money isn’t the most important thing’ to him – no, hairgel is.

Ron told Cadena COPE:

“It’s not bad, huh? I’m happy [at Real Madrid], I’m great, we have to think about it – I’m not going to City. I give you my word. I’m not going. Money is not the most important thing.

“If it was for money I could have doubled what I have in my bank account. If it was for money I would leave.

“The most important thing is the behaviour of the people and they treat me tremendously here and I am very happy in Madrid.”

This is Cristiano Ronaldo, who currently earns about £15 million year in wages alone, telling the world that ‘it’s not all about the money’.

Aye aye aye.

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  1. Jill says:

    World’s greatest wanker…

  2. toni says:

    pies sometimes your pictures are funny but they are never relevant, such as this old picture of ron in his bentley. yes its an extravagant buy but he can quite rightfully afford it and it has nothing to do with man city being stupid…

  3. mtm says:

    such a sour grapes from this pathetic blog as are from all journalists altogether, you jealous scum keep writing you shitty stories for 100000 years and maybe you’ll be able to buy one packet of hair gel as well, maybe. and this os called story was all city pathetic pr department’s creation, helped out by these pathetic creatures called – journalists.

  4. Jill says:

    mtm, if you don’t like it, don’t read it… It’s that simple :)

  5. wiggs says:

    @mtm I think your funty bunt just fell out your purse.

  6. Dickie says:

    @mtm so you’re reading this because…?

  7. Si says:

    MTM – your grasp of the English language is excellent. Bravo.

  8. marajonna says:

    Mtm, ronny is a bellend, he may be very rich but that shouldn’t automatically gain your respect. If he composed himself a little better perhaps there wouldn’t be such negativity towards him, the one player in the world better than christiano is a great example.

  9. wolfusa says:

    still love ya ronnie. you have my blessing to win a CL with madrid. and to the haters, you realize he’s saying this mostly out of respect and reverence for united, don’t you? OF COURSE money’s important to him, but not at the cost of playing for a team he likely still despises. class act on that point, unlike rooney.

  10. dc says:

    @wolfusa, that’s not the point, the point is that cristiano is talking about “not doing it for the money” which he obviously is, since he’s at Madrid and driving around in fancy cars.

    cristiano has no respect or reverence for united, he’ll just go to whomever will bring him glory. that’s why he left united- he thought he’d win trophies and life the high life. at least he got the latter…

  11. hgo says:

    @marajonna its not the point. that’s piss me off most is then some journalists or people in general here in england can’t stand the fact that footballers earn a lot. well they deserved it i suppose 100000 times more than some fucking bankers or bussinesman who earn fortune on working people backs paying them fuck all. and ronnie gained respect because of his footballing abilities, he;s second best in the world not because he’s arrogant or whatever it’s because he’s fucking good with football. i couldn’t care less about his so called arrogance – do you want all players to be some robot clones or what? i don’t get why it’s so painfull to you people hi’s arrogance. what about you british people you are also very arrogant. so what? who cares? and these pathetic journos barking because he’s puting some gel on his hair. i bet same journo also likes gel. fucking hypocrite

  12. Kolejorz says:

    Didnt the man named after one of the worst American presidents, leave Manchester United after claiming he wouldnt leave.

  13. wiggs says:

    @hgo I’m afraid to say I think your funty bunt has also fallen out your purse.

    Oh, and a right royal British f*ck you from all us arrogant Brits…

  14. wiggs says:

    @hgo also notice you mention you live “here in England” but refer to us as “you British people”. You’re either on holiday, or you actually live here in which case (regardless of people’s opinions on the topic of national identity and immigration) you are as much a part of Britain as I am. Welcome to Club Arrogant.

  15. toni says:


    are you allowed to be paid alot of money to do something you love or do you have to specifically request a low wage and drive a golf just to prove your humility? grow up

  16. Solihull United says:

    @solihull United
    i respect the fact ronaldo didnt leave man city for money but he wouldnt be saying thing when he left man u

  17. Redskywalker says:

    Im a United fan but lets be honest here. If any of you were offered the chance to play for the team you always wanted to, and for s***loads of cash would any of you turn it down? I think not.

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