Liverpool ‘Agree £8-9m Deal’ To Sign Charlie Adam From Blackpool

By Chris Wright

Word is leaking through that Liverpool have ‘agreed a deal’ to sign Charlie Adam from Blackpool – though a fee has not yet been disclosed.

For the record, both the Telegraph and the Guardian reckon it’s £8 million with the possibility of Jonjo Shelvey going the other way for a year, while several other sources think it may be closer to the Seasider’s £9 million valuation of Adam that Liverpool reportedly baulked at not a week ago.

According to the PA, Adam is now en route to Merseyside in an experimental car fueled by kitten’s tears to discuss personal terms, and will also undergo a medical at Melwood before close of play tonight.

Looks like your on the brink of bagging yourselves another central midfielder ‘Pool fans – any initial thoughts?

We reckon Kenny’s got one eye on Adam’s set-piece delivery with this one – though, as we’ve seen, Charlie is just as likely to smash a wayward cross into Stanley Park as he is to find Andy Carroll’s brutish forehead.

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  1. tim says:

    I like his style – world class? Certainly not. However, I looked forward to his performance under Kenny.

    Where can we get a kitten tear powered car here in America?

  2. syndex says:

    9 million for adam 20 for henderson and 35 for carroll. maybe spending a little money on a decent scout or a course on bargaining would be a good idea.

  3. Donal says:

    If this is the replacement for miereles than it’s a bad move, not already content in signing an average young player in Henderson for circa 15 million we go and sign the most hot and cold midfielder in the league last season( his better performances coming from a sheer unwilling to go down, not easy to replicate).
    The question coming from this alleged aquisition is who is dictating the transfer policy, we’ve lost out on several targets whom on reflection would have added to the squad/starting 11, jones, clichy and young instead signing players that other teams have little or no interest in, fingers crossed someone starts to sign what is needed an attacking winger, back up striker/competition for Carroll, a central defender who doesn’t look bolloxed after 5 minutes and get rid of the dead weght…

  4. kinash says:

    him, gerrard, poulsen, lucas, henderson, meireles, spearing, jovanovic, cole, maxi!

    does king kenny know we dont need anymore bloody midfielders? SELL

  5. high as a kuyt says:

    let’s just assume that poulsen, jova, cole, possibly meireles, and maxi are out. that leaves gerrard, adam, lucas, henderson, and spearo. with dirkaldinho, henderson, johnson, and kelly all available to play on the flanks. add in downing, maybe mata and keep the youungins coming up id say thats a fine midfield. providing gerrard can stay fit

  6. Charlie says:

    Genuinley gutted about this. Good bye Charlie – the best player I have ever seen in Tangerine.

  7. Adam says:

    Another Blackpool fan here. It’s a good signing for Liverpool. If he’s given the freedom then he can be one of the best in the league.

    Gutted to see him go but it was inevitable.

  8. Papi says:

    Paulsen, Jovanovic, Maxi out. Liverpool need to find a way to keep Meireles to give Adam a chance to roam. He’s not spectacular but genuinely effective, a fair signing.

  9. fergiemanutd says:

    bad news!

  10. owen says:

    is everybody forgetting Aquillani? Much more talented than Adam. If Adam was Italian would he even get a sniff of international football? No. We do not need him, a fit aquillani and meireles are much better options with lucas, gerrard and henderson also available. Complete waste of money and time, a backwards step for us. Hopefully the rest of the summer signings with spark a much more excitement.

  11. Dan says:

    In Kenny we trust

  12. Anonymous says:

    Forgotten about aquaman. He’s talented but injury prone and clearly wants to play in italy. Players that actually have drive to play are always better than those who don’t.

  13. Edge says:

    Let’s not forget Adam cost Liverpool 6 points last season… if he can give them back this year they’re back in Europe, probably CL.

  14. fergiemanutd says:

    in kenny i fuck him! steal my adam!

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