‘Everything Is Going Well’ – Sergio Aguero Agrees Personal Terms With Man City, £38m Transfer Imminent

Chris Wright

27th, July 2011


By Chris Wright

“Just arrived in Manchester to finalise details of deal with City. Everything is going well! I’ll tell you more in a while.”

Sergio Aguero has been in Manchester all morning, quibbling away over just how vast a weekly fortune Man City are going to be shovelling into his bank account, and it appears that the negotiations over the five-year contract are now within spitting distance of being wrapped up and rubber-stamped.

As things stand, it seems like we can expect to hear formal conformation before end of play tonight.

City have reportedly agreed a £38 million fee with Atletico Madrid, meaning that Kun will become the club’s most expensive signing ever – topping the £32.5 million that they spunked on Robinho in 2008.

Any thoughts guys? Great signing, no?

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  1. thisISben says:

    Top player, not as strong as Tevez though so I doubt he would have an impact like Tevez did.

  2. Markell says:


  3. kct says:

    Top player, probably doesn’t speak a word of english though. This could sound quite racist (and massively oversimplified); but they should be adding players to the squad who are willing to adapt to british culture. All top foreign players; apart from the occasional Argentinean scruffbag, fulfill this criteria. City should be building a squad instead of buying players that don’t fit into their club culture.

  4. wolfinho says:

    hate to agree with some who might be racist, but i do. it’s just one of many criteria where a player either wants to fit in with a club and win for them, or he wants to make money and have a quick chance at winning some big titles (read, no spelling error). can’t say whether or not kun will be focusing on his english lessons, but even if he becomes fluent, he’s still not the work-hound that tevez is. not too worried as a fan of real manchester football.

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