Uzbekistan U23s Suffer ‘Pires/Henry-Esque’ Penalty Fail vs Zenit St Petersburg (Video)

Chris Wright

24th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

When ‘super duper set-piece’ penalties go wrong, you tend to end up looking like a bit of a massive great sopping tit – as Uzbekistan U23 striker Aleksandr Geynrikh found out to his cost during a friendly game against Zenit St Petersburg last night.

Already 5-0 down, Geynrikh attempted to roll his spot-kick forward a few yards for a charging teammate to latch on to, but it all went balls up when the Zenit defence comfortably had the legs on partner in crime Vitaliy Pachuyev.

The referee then took pity on the hapless pair, whistling for a retake on encroachment grounds, with Geynrikh stepping up again. Given the fortuitous reprieve, surely he wasn’t about to fluff it again?

Ladies and gentleman, this is the future of Uzbeki football. They’re doomed.

Video: 101GG