Marko Marin Knocked Clean Off His Feet By Empty Plastic Cup (Video)

Chris Wright

20th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

In which, during his side’s 3-1 Nordderby win over Hamburg in the Bundesliga, Werder Bremen hardman Marko Marin gets hacked down mercilessly by an empty plastic cup thrown from the crowd…

Of course, objects being thrown from the terraces is deplorable but…y’know…shit happens and the fact that Marin instinctive reaction was hit the turf holding his Achilles as soon as he felt the first waft of a nudge is, to my eye at least, indicative of the mindset of flimsy footballers these days.

With that in mind, this is an open message to all footballers around the globe:

“Please stop being such soft sods. You’re giving me kidney stones.”

Video: 101GG