‘I Might Have Called Him A Son Of A Bitch’ – Bilbao’s Javi Martinez Explains Ugly Spat With Cristiano Ronaldo

By Chris Wright

Real Madrid wrapped up their 32nd La Liga title with a win over Athletic Bilbao at San Mames on Wednesday evening and, in among all the frolicking and Mourinho-tossing, there was a wee flashpoint involving Bilbao’s Javi Martinez and Cristiano Ronaldo.

As soon as the final whistle went, the pair were chuntering away at one another – continuing a running verbal battle that had begun during the game, right up until the point that Martinez was sent off.

MARCA then reported that, as Ronaldo celebrated Madrid’s title win, Martinez muttered: “Don’t celebrate too much, I’m a World Cup champion and you’re not, clown.”

Ronaldo then retaliated by giving Martinez the old ‘up yours’ salute followed by a pretty angry finger (ahem).

Anyway, Martinez has been speaking to Onda Cero and has moved quickly to clear up the rumours peddled by MARCA:

“”I did not tell (Ronaldo) that I am world champion, I never would. It is not something I would do.

“At the end of the match, I only told him to stop pointing at our crowd. I may have called him son of a bitch, but it’s something I get called in every match and it doesn’t matter.

“Next year, when playing against him, I’ll shake hands and everything will be fine. I thought about phoning him via Iker (Casillas), but I think we should pass on these things.

“This happens a thousand times in football and you have to forget it.”

Turns out it was absolutely nothing. Who’d have thought?