Valerenga’s Marcus Pedersen In Trouble Over Dumb ‘Oral Sex’ Goal Celebration (Video)

Chris Wright

24th, July 2012


By Chris Wright

Valerenga forward Marcus Pedersen can expect an angry letter from the Norwegian FA on his doormat any day now after celebrating a goal away against Stabaek on Sunday afternoon by goading the opposition fans with a dumb ‘oral sex’ gesture…

Pedersen is also alleged to have shouted ‘gays’ at the Stabaek fans before mimicking the old ‘pink trombone’ routine – a gesture that is reportedly going to cost the 22-year old striker a fair few Norwegian groats once their FA have finished with him.

Talking to Dagbladet, Pedersen said:

“I was tired crap from [the Stabaek fans]. They threw the shit, then they got shit back. In most cases I wouldn’t bother, but I had enough, and when I scored, I gave them a little something back.

“In retrospect, I see that maybe I should not have done it, but to be honest, I do not care for Stabaek fans.”

He’s not homophobic, your honour. As you can see, he’s just incredibly stupid… and a little bit homophobic.

Video: 101GG