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‘Give Your Fronties A Tweak’ – New Footage Of Andy Gray & Richard Keys Being Sexist Twats Emerges (Video)

By Chris Wright

As if you didn’t despise them enough already, ‘new’ footage (from of former Sky Sports sexists Andy Gray and Richard Keys relentlessly and boarishly teasing co-worker Claire Tomlinson before a live broadcast has emerged, as uprooted by the fine folk over at The Football Ramble.

The truly depressing video shows Gray and Keys wolf-whistling and hooting off-camera for Tomlinson to ‘get her tits out for the lads’ and ‘give her fronties a tweak for the lads’ as she prepares to go on air…

Classic Keys and Gray banter there, and we really can’t give them a more disparaging insult than that.

Utterly unbearable, the pair of them.

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By Chris on January 31st, 2014 in FAIL, Media, Newsnow, Videos. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

19 Responses to “‘Give Your Fronties A Tweak’ – New Footage Of Andy Gray & Richard Keys Being Sexist Twats Emerges (Video)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    dont be twats,just harmless banter

  2. derby says:

    It’s “threepennies” Gray says not “fronties”. Threepennies is rhyming slang (threepenny bits being a coin of the realm in Gray’s youth).

  3. gareth says:

    I don’t see the issue? The reporter clearly wasn’t offended. Ban banter from the work environment and it will kill the work environment. I’ve worked with females who are far more provocative than this, but it’s taken as humour amongst friends/colleagues. People should take the stick out of there ass’ and concentrate more on actual atrocities!

  4. porcelain sandwich says:

    Eurgh, how can they not have learnt yet? It’s not ‘banter’, it’s just derogatory catcalling, something I thought would have never crossed their minds to do again seeing as it got them fired the last time. The reporter is obviously uncomfortable with it all, I can only imagine that it happens on a constant basis whenever they’re all together.

    Pair of repulsive, immature cunts – if you’ll excuse my ‘banter’.

  5. ink says:

    it’s not banter, it’s just immature and sexist.
    To be consequent, WAATP also should remove their WAG-section, because of being sexist…

  6. Rodregez says:

    This is not even offensive its just another annoying pathetic uproar which depicts the way the world and society are going, I for one am sick of this PC drivel, as was said earlier is just banter nothing more…..grow up.

  7. Jock says:

    Even if it’s just banter, it’s fucking shit and unfunny, and I for one don’t want people like that to be the face of the premier league.

  8. The69ersFC says:

    What ???? Wags & Girls has gone?
    Cancel my subscription.

    • Chris says:

      They’ll still be the odd post (as per the last few years) but we’ve had to remove the actual section for reasons I can’t really go into.

  9. Frank Bough says:

    The real story is that the culprits are Keys and Gray. I have no doubt other presenters have indulged in this mind numbingly banal stuff also and videos have not come to light as they are not universally despised. That said, they are well beyond their sell by date and if it helps to keep their turgid shite away from my eyes n ears I will be happy.

  10. Gramwin says:

    It’s ridiculous to say she was not offended. She’s hardly likely to speak out against to the two main men at the time in the predominantly male environment she was in. Keys in particular confirms what a sleazeball I always thought he was.

  11. dgm says:

    Ask the women who have to put up with this kind of juvenile behaviour whether they consider it ‘banter’ or not. Ask Dave Lee Travis’s victims whether they ‘enjoyed’ have their breasts squeezed as they tried to do their job. As men we are not on the receiving end of this kind of peurile & semi aggressive abuse. To the idiots who describe this as ‘harmless banter’, if you can’t imagine how women might feel, think about your daughter or sister working in a predominantly male environment & having her confidence undermined by a couple of leering berks refering to her breasts & telling her to ‘get off the pitch’.

    Gray is a well known sleaze, as is Lineker.

  12. THE JACKAL says:

    It’s not’fronties a tweak it’s THRUPNEYS! thrupney bits..tits..

  13. Boozehound says:

    Pathetic Cavemen. How would you feel if she were your wife/sister/daughter? I hope its widespread derision does depict the way the world is going rodrigez, there is a school of thought surrounding every form of stereotyping, veiled in low grade leering humour, that defends its actions, as with racist gestures and jokes in 70s top flight English football. Those that defend it become fewer and appear stupidly outdated as progress and intelligence emerge. There is only one side of this exchange finding it truly funny and acceptable, by those standards I might respond by punching both of them in their stupid lids. I’d find it funny? Must be banter?

  14. Jarren says:

    Richard Keys is a real life Alan Partridge.

  15. Chris says:

    So you removed your WAGs section two weeks ago?…that’s alright then!
    Oh wait the Gray and Keys footage is from around 10 years ago…but that’s worth this article???
    More than a little touch of hypocrisy there…
    And you had to remove to remove it for “reasons I can’t really go into” you might hope that the reason was that waatp would rather not promote the sort of sexist culture that Gray and Keys were examples of.
    Never was an article more deserving of a pair of inverted commas. “journalism” – pah!

  16. dumkopf says:

    @Chris, why are you here then? Don’t let us keep you from your proper ‘Journalism’ maybe you got lost on the way to your morning broadsheet masturbation session? @waatp Keep up the good work, much prefer the humour of the sight to anywhere else! :) I realise I’m breaking the rules by being positive in a comments section!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Keys is a horrible cunt

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