Sky Germany Host Jessica Kastrop Gets Hit On Head By Stray Football At Pitchside…Again! (Video)

Chris Wright

24th, March 2014

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By Chris Wright

Back in 2010, Sky Germany host Jessica Kastrop briefly “went viral” when a stray (some say deliberate) hoof from Khalid Boulahrouz almost knocked her kopf off as she attempted to provide the pre-game spiel ahead of Stuttgart’s game against Mainz.

The worst part was that everybody at home watching could see the inbound ball was directly on course to hit Kastrop long before she or pundit Fredi Bobic did. Truth be told, it was brutal.

Boulahrouz later apologised to Kastrop publicly on live television, with the groggy presenter then telling Bild:

“The offender was Khalid Boulahrouz, but he came running to me directly and apologized. And of course I would never impute his intention…”

Proving she was a good sport, Kastrop then sported a Petr Cech-style scrum helmet for her next appearance at pitchside, interviewing Jurgen Klopp with her cranium encased inside a foam egg carton for safety.

Well, just as the flashbacks and cold sweats were gradually beginning to subside, Kastrop suffered a repeat at the weekend when a skewiff pass from Bayer Leverkusen’s Philipp Wollenberg slapped across the back of her head once again…

For Christ’s sake, why won’t Sky just let this poor woman present from the safety of a studio?