Neil Lennon Gives SPL Medal To Young Celtic Fan With Downs Syndrome, Georgios Samaras Makes The Moment Even More Special… (Video)

Chris Wright

14th, May 2014


By Chris Wright

Just as he did last year, Celtic manager Neil Lennon handed his SPL winner’s medal over to a young fan in the crowd following the trophy presentation at Celtic Park.

The young lad, who apparently goes by the name of Jay and is a bit of a face around the place, then had his afternoon’s awesomeness multiplied several times when Georgios Samaras wandered over (having played his final game for club), plucked him from the crowd and carried him around the pitch as 50,000-odd fellow Celtic fans cheered merrily…

You can insert your own jokes about the value of an SPL winner’s medals, but it’s no doubt that the gestures from Lennon and Samaras (fresh from his runaway Eurovision victory) were both top notch.

(Video: SPFL)

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  1. matty says:


  2. John says:

    There is no substitute for class…

  3. David Allison says:

    The pure joy on the little boy’s face is an absolute sight to behold – he’ll remember that day for the rest of his life. And that’s probably the coolest pair or glasses I think I’ve ever seen..

  4. Canadian Celt says:

    Why ruin a such a heart warming story with “You can insert your own jokes about the value of an SPL winner’s medals…”
    This isn’t about the quality of the league, it’s about the pure class shown by members of the Celtic squad and a young fan. Class is what your comment was lacking.

    This is why I support Celtic! Hail Hail

  5. Inno says:

    Stuff like that is why we all love football, and the affect it has on kids. Brilliant, and I say that totally biased as a happy Celtic fan :)

  6. Tom says:

    love this, especially when he turns round and touches samaras’ glorius beard.

  7. Amjad Awwad says:

    Pure class, football celebrated as it should, the reason this will always be the sport of the masses!!

  8. jim says:

    I am not a fan of the club!! But this is a nice touch…. well done Mr Lenon.

  9. Jonny says:


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