Idiotic Toronto FC Fan Fired From His Job After Yelling ‘F**k Her In The P***y’ During Pre-Game Interview (Video)

By Chris Wright


A Toronto FC fan has been unceremoniously fired from his job at a Canadian electricity company after summoning up every last inch of his wit and intellect to yell “F**k her right in the p***y” during a live pre-match interview.

According to various reports, Hydro One employee Shawn Simoes has been relieved of his duties at the company over his part in the hilarious prank, which emanates from a debunked viral video that first did the rounds on the internet almost three years ago.

With fans bustling around outside the stadium shortly before Toronto FC’s game against Houston Dynamo on Sunday, CityNews decided to vox pop a few of them as part of the build-up to their live coverage.

Smirking away in the background, one fan then sensed his moment and yelled his masterpiece down the microphone.

Rather excellently, utterly nonplussed CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt then called the ABSOLUTE LADS out on their dumb heckling.

It was at this point that a second and third Toronto fan – the latter believed to be Simoes – gave an impassioned defence of the “quite substantial” prank, gleefully uttering yet more profanities as he said his piece down the camera…

After the video of the incident began causing uproar on social media, Simoes was identified and reported by one of his Hydro One colleagues (or ex-colleagues as the case may be) and has since been fired for his part in the televised stupidity.

Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment group, the company that owns Toronto FC, the Raptors and the Maple Leafs, has since announced that they will ban the fans in the video, as well as anyone else caught shouting “FHRITP”, from attending any MLS, basketball and/or hockey games for one year.

Sacked and banned. Well played boys, well played indeed. What a solid afternoon’s work.

(Via Project Babb/Many thanks to Pies fan @BlakeZimbabwe14 for the tip-off!)

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  1. EDub says:

    Good – now I hope they get the other idiot. If you are dumb enough to try to do this on camera for a laugh, then you should not be surprised when your employer takes action.

  2. Murray says:

    “His masterpiece”? Nah, he’s a plagiarist.

  3. Father Flannigan says:

    He has the right to free speech, even in Canada. The team should sanction him, and they did, the reporter could sue him for slander, but what he does outside of work is his thing, no matter how stupid.

    tldr-he gets his job back.

  4. James Taylor says:

    I love how when asked to explain himself he tries to laugh it off then goes blank and ends up pretty much speechless. You can see the fear and panic in his eyes for a second when he realises how stupid he is. And his Arsenal-supporting friend needs to be sacked/locked up too!

  5. Rich says:

    I’m here in Toronto and it’s the talk of the town. It’s the Aresenal-twat that is being sacked. The clown with aviators is not sacked, but the company is “taking steps”.

    Worst part is the ban. All the Toronto franchises (hockey, soccer, basketball) are owned by one company. No sports for you two idiots.

  6. Ron says:

    The depressing thing is that these guy someone made it to this age/stage in life and they are still acting like immature kids.

    Sad to say that I think our modern, 24 hour, 12 month obsession with pro sports plays a part in the underdevelopment of the male brain and the macho-man stance that encourages treating women poorly.

    His interview at a new company should go well. “Why did you leave your last position?”

  7. Nuno says:

    It was actually the guy with the Arsenal shirt that got sacked (and apparently from a job earning over $100k a year). His mom must be proud.

  8. Sultan says:

    The guy in yellow looks like Lewandowski…you sure its not him ?

  9. Fnarf says:

    Actually, I think it’s the Arsenal fan (in yellow) who was sacked, not the guy in the Toronto FC shirt (though it was in Toronto, at a TFC game).

  10. Chris says:

    Cheers for all the input chaps. Duly amended.

  11. pp says:

    He works for a public utility company and signed a code of conduct agreement. By going out of his way to act like a total idiot on tv, he has given his employer just grounds.

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