Appalling Dive From Valencia Youngster Robs Celtic In UEFA Youth League Clash (Video)

Alan Duffy

10th, February 2016


Poor old Celtic fans haven’t had much to cheer about in recent seasons when it comes to European football, have they? Well on Wednesday night, it was the turn of the Hoops’ youth side to suffer some continental pain, after they were knocked out of the UEFA Youth League, albeit courtesy of some audacious cheating from one Valencia player in particular.


With the score at 1-1 between the two young sides, and the game well into stoppage time, Celtic striker Jack Aitchison looked to be through clear on goal. However, instead the gullible referee blew his whistle for a foul that never took place after Valencia defender David Pasquel produced one of the most blatant dives in the history of the game, falling in agony after seeing Aitchison bear down on goal…

Admittedly, Bhoys youngster Aitchison may not have converted the chance if play had continued, but still, the whole incident was mightily unfair to the Scots. And to make matters worse, they would ultimately lose 4-3 in the resulting penalty shoot-out, leaving their Euro-dreams in tatters. But what an appalling dive. Gary Neville should defo have a word tomorrow morning!

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  1. Jarren says:

    Cheaters never win!

    …oh wait

  2. jim mcguire says:

    hope your football career takes a dive you cheating barsteward

  3. Fod says:

    Looks like he jars his knee. The ball is clearly in front of him when he goes down, he could have easily cleared it so don’t see any reason to dive in that position. Watch and you can see him take the ball to his left and the celtic player goes to the right. Think his knee genuinely gave out.

  4. P says:

    @Fod is an idiot. His knee gave out? It’s his LEFT leg that wobbles a bit as he misteps, and he looks around, sees he might not get the ball, and then dives while holding his RIGHT leg/shin.

    • Rob says:

      His knee did give out. he suffered a cruciate ligament injury and will be out for 6 months. the only idiot here is you.

      • Iconoclast says:

        It was an audacious, craven dive. And you’re a moron to defend that type of behaviour. Did his cruciate? Okay, whatever you say Momma Pasquel.

        • Papasfritas says:

          He really is suffering an injury that could end his career, and Whoateallthepies and the likes of you are displaying the usual finger-pointing and faux outrage typical of the PL public. I know the tone that characterises Whoateallthepies, but I think it would do the site a favour if the administrators issued a correction and an apology.

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