World Cup Video: Andres Iniesta’s Legs Are A Mess After Brutal World Cup Final

Ollie Irish

13th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

To those fans who branded Iniesta a diving cheat, check out the state of his legs after the World Cup final:

The Dirty Dutch left their marks, eh.

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  1. kimblim says:

    I wonder how his shoulder is after body-checking Mark Van Bommel?

  2. Jay says:

    @kimblim: Oh yeh, because body checking someone HALF your size is really going to create a bruise and a half right? PLONKER.


    The Beautiful Game is Back :)

  3. Deckard says:

    Now if he were a little angel I’d actually feel sorry for him. But Iniesta quite often displays traits of being a little rat so I’m not happy he’s so bruised, but I have no sympathy either.

  4. Ollie says:

    @ Deckard – I know what you mean. Iniesta is sly. Triffic player though.

  5. kimblim says:

    @Jay: I didn’t say that Van Bommel was a saint, did I?

    All I’m saying is that while the media (and you apparently) are all falling in love with the most defensive team since Greece 2004, It is worth pointing out that although the Dutch could have been down to 7 men (Van Bommel, De Jong, Robben, Heiting all could/should have been sent off – one was), Spain should have been down to 9 (Iniesta for his off-the-ball revenge act, Puyol for pulling down Robben and preventing a clear cut goal opportunity).

    “The beautiful game is back” – yes, and scoring an incredible and awe-inspiring 8 goals along the way. The same amount that Thomas Müller was responsible for on his own (5 goals, 3 assists).

    Spain are worthy winners (winners always are), but they are not perfect and the dutch method of playing them was just as beautiful in my eyes, as they were playing to their strengths.

  6. Jay says:

    @kimblim: I believe with that sarcastic ‘?’ at the end of your statement of Iniesta having a shoulder injury made it seemed that you were insinuating that Iniesta was just as culpable?? Whilst I do not condone taking the law into your own hands he stood up to that BULLY/THUG – and DID NOT RAISE AN ARM OR ASSAULT HIM as Van Bommel had done to him.

    Van Bomme’s attack on Iniesta was an ASSAULT…He went through the back of him…..Van bommel should have gone.

    All I’m saying is…..the media have at last fallen back in love with the beautiful game and have realised this is how football should be played – With vision, patience and intelligence…..NOT THUGGERY how the Dutch categorically set out to do…If that are the strenghts of Holland, they have no right to be on a football pitch and besmirch the game of football – take the Godfather of Beautiful Football’s recent comments on this (Cruyff) on his OWN national team.

    The ‘awe-inspiring’ aspect of Spain that you mention is the WAY they play football….The ball retention, the beauty of passing…..This is how football was meant to be played…I really cannot fathom how people cannot appreciate these aspects of football – and not just goal fests – yes that is nice to see – and I appreciate your opinion – yet in my opinon I get much more joy in the way football is played with a victory – A la Barca, Spain and Arsenal are not that far off….

    ps – To me Iniesta is the Modern Day Zidane. The reason why there is this media love fest, is because they have woken up to this. It’s not about the size of the player – it’s about the WAY they play football. Awesome on the eye and for the team. Viva The Beautiful Game Revolution. Let’s hope it’s back to stay and youngsters get inspired to play this kind of beautiful game and scouts realise that these are the players that should NOT be neglected.

  7. kimblim says:

    “This is how football was meant to be played”? Who decided that? You? Cruyff the ego-maniac? There is not one way football was meant to be played – football is a game that is about one thing and one thing only: winning. What Cruyff thinks about his own national side is his choice, but I have no respect for the man who decided to freeze out the best player he ever had at his disposal (Laudrup).
    Ball retention, passing – yes, these are great aspects of football, but so are tackles, willpower, defending and (wait for it..) passion.

    I don’t particularly care for goal fests, but I also loathe that people think Spain, Barca, Arsenal are the only true entertaining teams in world football. If that is the most important thing in football, why don’t we just hand out the trophies to the teams with the highest percentage of possesion or the team that can string the most passes together?

    I fully understand and respect that YOU think it’s “awesome on the eye”, but I think that 89minutes of passing the ball sideways is boring. Ball retention is good, but for the love of god/football, do something with it! Take a shot! Make the pass that splits the defence! The Spanish team of WC2010 did not do that, which resulted in only 8 goals. When their style of play really works, they score 3-4 goals pr. match…

    No doubt that Van Bommel is a thug. He always has been, and the ref should/could have sent him off for his tackle from behind. That Iniesta “stood up” to him just means that he too should/could have been sent off! He reacted (stupidly) and even if Van Bommel deserved a slap around the face, it’s still a red card offence.

  8. Jay says:

    True, true Kimblim….RE: the ego of Cruyff,lol….but I believe he has earnt that ego after pioneering a philosophy of fotball which IMO made football so attractive to watch in the 70s and his Barca influence….In my opinion, football was meant to be played with fairplay,vision,and intelligence….’Passion’ and ‘Commitment’ can often be the smokescreen through which ugly football prevail….I will always have resepect for Cruyff who insilled a a revolution of beautiful football.

    IMO, it’s the combination of winning through style and beautiful football where you can truly feel pride from wining – which is why I feel truly priveledged to have seen in my lifetime; Spain & Bareclona (Particularly Xavi & Iniesta)…..How many Chelsea fans were fed up Mourinho’s dire games when he was at Chelsea? Many – a lot rang up talkSPORT 1089MW (granted is not views of all fans)and commented how it was good wining, but NOT the boring way they were doing it – ie: defending to the hilt and look how he KILLED off the football talents of Joe Cole…..That combinaion of beautiful football and winning imo is the ultimate description of football.

    Lol re: the passing and shooting. Yet that is the wonder of it. It’s finding the perfect goal which is a masterpiece itself. Most of the time other teams try to kick them off the park. It’s the precision of passing and the killer through balls, dribbles and patience & wonderful discipline which makes their footbll so remarkable, no matter how unruly the opposition arer towards them.

    Yes Iniesta should have kept a cool head – that’s definately true – yet to see Van Bommel ‘fly’ as a result who is double his size was disgraceful – faking it to try and get him a card….It was by no means a Zidane – Materazzi retaliation with no studs involved either…..Just a – ”Don’t Bully me” by Iniesta….who was getting no protection from the ref, when Iniesta was clearly being munched throughout the game – see legs in the video above. What was admirable again was that Iniesta stuck to his game even after those ABH move by van bully.

    I heed your comments about how there are many ways to win a match….I suppose we will have to agree to disagree…..Maybe it’s just a style which one prefers which makes football for them.

    But all in all – I guess this is also the beauty of football….It’s a game of opinions ey….Viva Football Forever!!! :)

  9. dennis says:

    And how is his arm, any wrist problems?

  10. Logan says:

    KimBlim is totally right. Beautiful football is not passing it around for 110+ minutes and scoring a lucky goal.

  11. marton says:

    i agree the refery fucked up it was ment to go for penalties

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  13. Bawly says:

    Great result. Dutch didn’t deserve it-Filth bags. Van Bommel is a Kunt and that De Jong is a hopeless footballer. There was always going to be a red card for the dutch. Thank you SPAIN. Crying Dutch fooks

  14. awesome says:

    boohoo thats how my legs look all the time from playing soccer that flopping faggot needs to cry about it

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