Richard Keys – Would You Smash It?

Ollie Irish

26th, January 2011


By Ollie Irish

Charming. Keys will surely follow Gray soon.

Indeed, for my money it’s Keys who instigated the sexist banter with Gray and who deserved the sack even more than the Scot. And this clip highlights just how much Keys wants to be one of the lads (he’ll never be one of the lads). Exactly like this:

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  1. Mr Reality says:

    Have I missed something?

    This is just mindless/harmless (off air) manly banter, you telling me women never talk about guys in a similar way?

    Also, I’m not condoning sexism or any form of prejudice but for people to make assumptions based on that 10 second Andy Gray clip is ridiculous, does anyone know what their relationship is like at all?

    I have a few female friends who I can jokingly talk to using language that others might find offensive which they use on me too and is completely consensual and harmless. People can take things out of context way to easily.

    People are becoming way too PC in a over exaggerated bullshit media world, this is getting more news that the fucking terrorist attack in Russia for Christ’s sake!

  2. Chris says:

    They must have some really pissed off co-workers! More leaks, please!

  3. PhilandoTorres says:

    Keys has shown such a staggering lack of personality on screen that it’s genuinely surprising to hear him talking like a hairy-arsed docker.

    What next? John Inverdale wondering aloud who’s got the bigger gash out of Gabby Logan and Hazel Irvine?

  4. Thus Spake Scaramouche-a says:

    Gabby Logan

  5. Thus Spake Scaramouche-a says:

    Docker or not, I reckon Keys must have a hairy arse – his DNA has got to be 99% baboon – my loft isn’t as well insulated as the back of his hands

  6. J-Man says:

    I can only sit back and laugh as I watch two of the biggest tools within the world of football punditry be taken down. Being a man who likes football, the sexist ranting doesn’t surprise me nor does it particularly bother me. But like the next man I can spot an arrogant, annoying, talentless, overpaid twat a mile away, which Keys and Gray have both always been. So as I laugh myself to sleep with this hilarious and perhaps not overdue piece of news, I just want to wish Keys and Gray all the best with their impending job searches…

    And to whoever this Steve Simons guy is who is leaking these vids, all I have to say is take a bow son!

  7. A Gray says:

    What next? John Inverdale wondering aloud who’s got the bigger gash out of Gabby Logan and Hazel Irvine?

    Hazel has the biggest gash but Gabby’s cock is bigger than Inverdale’s.

  8. 3d tv says:

    I couldnt hear the start very well – who were they talking about?

  9. Rob says:

    Off camera Keys acts like Alan Partridge when he’s trying to be cool with the “boys”
    Souness looks embarrassed.

  10. Bertie says:

    Exactly Rob. I thought Souness looked quite disapproving and Redknapp sounded embarrassed but – probably wary of keeping his pundit role – didn’t want to tell Keys to stop being so disrespectful about his ex. Keys’s attempts to suck up to the pros are nauseating. I’ve disliked him from the second he appeared on our screens.

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  12. Rik says:

    Ruud Gullit didn’t even noticed it

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  14. Jonathan says:

    To be honest, if I was Redknapp I would have probably laughed at what Keys said, but lets face it, Keys is really trying to fit in with Redknapp and the pros here. This whole affair has just made me laugh, purely because Keys cannot deny any of it. That’s what really makes me chuckle.

  15. Jimmy says:

    To the person who’s “laughing himself to sleep.”

    Look at Andy Grays life and look at yours. Who’s laughing now?

  16. syndex says:

    Richard keys sound like that awkward dad trying to talk about ‘birds’ with his sons mates, I love the fact that gullit just seems to be oblivious to everyone around them. The truth is I have had this conversation maybe 5 times this week already (without the cringeworth phrase would you smash it) and I know women who have the same conversation with generally less euphamistic language. Whilst I dislike keys because well I just don’t like the guy I don’t think he should be fired fo a private conversation, the grey microphone incident was probably far enough over the line mind.

  17. pieman says:

    From the Moment Andy Gray Decided to sue the NOTW, it was bound to be all over for him at Sky. You can’t sue your paymaster and get away with it.

    The AlanPartridge comparison for keys is spot on.

  18. Baggees says:

    Alan partridge clip – spot on!!

  19. Pete says:

    Always thought Keys was at best a poor mans QVC presenter!
    looks like he will be now :)

  20. Tinez says:

    Keys is vicious. He must go.

    What the people on here don’t seem to understand is that a broadcaster who is attempting to break the boundaries of football delivery and who has so many subscribers has to hold itself to a higher moral standard than the sexism we’ve heard betrays. It, arguably, might be banter in the pub, but it’s not banter when you’re in a professional work situation where you are broadcasting to millions.

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  22. Bob says:

    Well I thought the whole things was hilarious.

  23. Neil says:

    The funniest thing about the Keys video is the little kick Souness gives him at the end.

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