Moronic Footballer Kicks Owl When Its Down (Video)

Ollie Irish

28th, February 2011


By Tom Dean

Actually quite shocking…

Deportivo Pereira defender Luis Moreno may be banned for several games after he kicked an injured owl that had landed on the field during a match against Atletico Junior in Colombia.

The poor owl, a mascot for Atletico, was being treated Monday at a local veterinary clinic in Barranquilla. Happily for bird lovers, not to mention the bird itself, the owl suffered only a minor fracture to its right leg and will survive. Phew.

Moreno said he did not know the owl was an Atletico mascot. Which hardly excuses his imbecilic behaviour. He’s not so dumb he didn’t know it was a live bird, is he? Talk about putting the moron in Moreno.