German Amateur Answers Phone During Game, Still Delivers Crunching Tackle (Video)

Chris Wright

8th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

In which German defender Matthias Hilbrands of SV Sem Jemgum takes a call on his mobile phone during an amateur game against Fortuna Veenhusen, yet still finds time to break up a swift counter-attack with a staunch sliding tackle…

I sincerely hope that Hilbrands saw yellow for being stupid enough to answer his phone mid-match, because that tackle was clean as a whistle.

Hip hip huzzah to Dirty Tackle for doing the leg work on this one, how they put names to faces I’ll never know.

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  1. :) says:

    that is funny. simple as that.

  2. Rich says:


  3. Jay says:

    Ahahahahah…Ledge. Has such a reading of the game, that he knows how long to hold a conversation on a phone to come back into the game when the ball is coming his way for his defensive duties!LOL – QUALITY.

    Great vid!Nice one Pies!

  4. pop says:

    he saw yellow because he should have asked the ref for permission to re-enter the pitch first

  5. pop says:

    and yeah, it is funny as shit :D

    would have been even funnier if the tackle had been dirty

  6. KevinW says:

    Bullshit, why was he booked? Perfect tackle.

  7. ManoloGarnix says:

    The booking was for entering the field without permission of the ref. The teammate complains about that it is ok to go out to talk on the phone, but he can’t just come back in.

  8. says:

    He was booked because the guy he tackled dove, grabbed his leg, and screamed out like he was dying. -Moment, mein Handy

  9. gamblino says:

    Ref blows before he even touches the ball.

  10. Matty P says:

    He doesn’t need permission to re-enter because he never left, he was standing on the field (in touch? Is that what you guys say?).

    Looks to me like on the tackle he went over the ball with his sweeping (right leg)…hence the yellow. Yeah, pause mid-tackle, right leg clearly over the ball.

  11. pop says:

    no, doesn’t matter that he stood on the pitch. someone (the coach or whoever) told the ref that he had to take a phone call, so he was officially signed off. The German voices at the end suggest that (I’m German). just like when injured players come back on without permission after being treated outside.

  12. Andreas says:

    From what his teammate says it becomes clear that he gets booked for reentering the match without permission. At 0:25 his teammate complains about him intervening, because they had actually informed the ref that he was out to answer the phone.

    PS: It’s even funnier when you speak German, because he talks really calm and casually on the phone and ends the conversation very politely before going into the tackle.

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