Brazilian Game Halted By Swarm Of Bees, Ends In Brawl And Fatal Shooting (Video)

By Chris Wright

The Brazilian Goiania state championship semi-final between Vila Nova and Goias over the weekend was notable for three reasons. Firstly, the first-half had to be delayed for 20 minutes while firefighters removed a swarm of bees from one of the stantions with fire extinguishers…

Once the makeshift hive had succesfully been removed, the game eventually finished in a 2-2 draw which meant that Goias advanced through to the final of the tournament – though the players’ celebrations then sparked a brawl on the pitch which had to be broken up by the local police after 15 minutes of squabbling.

Then, to really cap the madness, came the showstopper. After the game, a 19-year-old Goias fan was shot dead outside the Serra Dourada stadium as supporters milled in and around the surrounding area – though it’s thought that the shooting was a result of a ‘private matter’ and not of the tension in the stadium.

Bees = a sign of the footballing apocalype.

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