Kazakh Nutcase Banned For Life After Two-Footed Kamikaze Assault (Video)

By Chris Wright

First off the bat, it’s worth noting that this clip is roughly a month old now, but such is the circulation rate of footage from the Kazakhstani Second Division, it only arrived on the doorstep of Pies Towers this very morn.

Anyway, it will probably come as a surprise to positively nobody that FC Kairat’s Armand Masimzhanov has been banned for life by the Kazakh football federation for what can only be described as the two-footed, kamikaze dropkick that he planted between his opponents’ shoulder blades during a feisty encounter with Lokomotiv…


Oh yeah, I knew there was something I’d forgotten to mention. Masimzhanov wasn’t even on the pitch at the time!

As the resultant fighting caused the match to be abandoned with three minutes left to play, both Kairat and Lokomotiv were forced to forfeit the fixture, with each side being handed a 0-3 result by way of punishment.

The fun wasn’t quite over though, as the KDK FFK cited ‘terrible cruetly’ before banning Masimzhanov for the rest of his days – but only after he and four other players were questioned by the police over their respective roles in the post-match scuffle.


Via Calcio TV.