Barcelona Open Cheerleader Search, Celebrate With Suitably Hot Viral (Video)

Chris Wright

6th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

Saints be praised, Barcelona have officially opened their search for new Camp Nou cheerleaders today and have chosen to mark the occasion by releasing a vaguely  ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’-esque viral chock-full of Catalonia’s finest pom-pom twiddlers to get your juices flowing – so to speak…

Video: 101GG

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  1. Montesquieu says:

    Dear Barcelona.
    Stop trying so hard to bring more fans to your stadium. You are one of the most popular teams in Spain, and the World.

    In all honesty, I hate this Americana taking over Europe…why do Europeans think this is anything to imitate? It’s stupid, pointless and very much tactless. It has nothing to do with sport, but than sex sells right?

    Cheerleading is something you find in North America, because tactless things which are the opposite of classy are very much the norm. Cheerleading in the United States is considered a sport and much time is spent on whether or not a cheerleading team can perform some stupid acrobatic manoeuvres.

    While I won’t deny that certain amount of sport is involved, since the cheerleading heavily bases itself off gymnastics; the idea behind it however that it’ll somehow give strength to the team is incredibly stupid.

    I mean, what do they want next? A huge marching band to play at before, during and after games? Perhaps they should just introduce American Football into Europe, oh wait, they have and it has completely bombed. This stuff is dumb over here, let alone in Europe; which has a sporting culture in the first place.

  2. Lukass says:

    Errrr… I’m not quite 100% sure,but I think this is for the Barcelona basketball team, which is one of the sports sections of FC Barcelona…

  3. Lukass says:

    And yes,like almost every basketball team in Europe, FC Regal Barcelona had cheerleaders before,so I think this is an advert for new ones, cue the basketball at the end of the video…

  4. Gibby says:

    Montesquieu – you really are a belter ! where do you come from in Multi cultural Europe ?

  5. Kevin says:

    ‘Vaguely ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’-esque’?

    That Chris is a stonewall rip-off!

  6. wolfinho says:

    yeah, definitely FC Barcelona basketball, former club of ricky rubio, the talentless wonder. considering the sport of b-ball was developed in the states and introduced to great fanfare in europe, i would say americanization has already begun. what can we say? we’re arrogant and petty and shallow, and it’s irresistable, innit?

    also, horrible rip-off of ‘teen spirit’, but i’d make a herpes pyramid of those cheerleaders and stick all the landings.

  7. mikedamone says:

    “Cheerleading is something you find in North America, because tactless things which are the opposite of classy are very much the norm”

    Yeah and the rest of the world are wearing top hats and monocles and dinner jackets sipping on earl grey tea with their gloved pinky fingers in the air whilst out in the manor rose garden musing about the injustices of the footballing world. Still elevating yourself over us colonists? (although my ancestors didn’t come until well after the revolution so I can’t count myself as one but I digress)

    What is true is that the presence of cheerleaders simply doesn’t fit with the general European sporting sensibility (and they really only belong in high school and college, not in pro sports).

  8. donald says:

    i hate this people called cheerleaders, total scrap

  9. JAC says:

    Yeah….its for the basketball team. All basketball teams have cheerleaders. I think its awesome. You go to a game watch dudes play ball and the cheerleaders give you something to look at once in a while. Its takes the gay out of watching sweaty men for 4 quarters.

  10. JAC says:

    oh….and you can’t hate cheerleaders if youre a man….its just not proper.

  11. dc says:

    Montesquieu, do you have nothing better to do than make excessively long irrelevant statements?

  12. Willie says:


  13. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    Looks like it sure got SOMEbody’s juices flowing eh? @Montesquieu

  14. KINGB3113 says:

    @Jac Totally agree. At least there’ll be something else to focus on when Busquets or Mascherano decide to brush up on their acting skills

  15. Teleute says:

    Oh get a clue! They don’t have stupid cheerleaders in football.

  16. Bielsong says:

    I don’t think Montesquieu could have stuck his foot further in his mouth.

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