Ankle Injury Leaves Barcelona Star Lionel Messi In Tears (With Video)

Chris Wright

20th, September 2010


By Chris Wright

(video via 101GG)

Barcelona are optimistic that Lionel Messi hasn’t suffered a broken ankle (as was first thought) after being injured during their 2-1 Primera Division win over Atletico Madrid last night.

Messi was hauled off the pitch on a stretcher after a challenge from Atletico defender Thomas Ufjalusi (who received a fairly harsh red card for his part in the incident) left the agonised winger in tears on the turf of the Vicente Calderon stadium.

Messi will undergo more scans this morning to determine the full extent of the injury but, according to Barca’s official website, all of the preliminary tests seem to suggest that the Argentinian star has ‘only’ suffered ligament damage – rather than a fracture.

Barca coach Pep Guardiola said after the match;

“He’ll be having more tests tomorrow, but in principle a break has been ruled out. He’s injured and the doctors will tell us how he is. Let’s hope the first diagnosis is correct and we can help get him fit again. He’s very sad and in tears. These things happen in football.”

UPDATE: Barcelona have confirmed that Messi will definitely miss their next two games, against Sporting Gijon on Wednesday and Athletic Bilbao on Saturday, and then return to light non-contact training.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Doesnt look too bad, Messi should be back hopping past them in no time.
    And ummm? What tears? Didnt see any from this video (you minges!)

  2. Nuno says:

    Well, english isn’t my native language so I beg you to please tell me that “fairly harsh red card” means “most obvious red card”. I for a second thought you didn’t reckon this tackle as being “red card material”.

    If that’s the case and you thought this should only be a yellow, please go and see the cover of spanish newspapers ‘Marca’ and ‘AS’ and see a closeup on this tackle… I know in England you like physical footbal, but that tackle is just BRUTAL. Lucky Messi if he doesn’t stay a couple months out.

  3. Chris says:

    @Patrick: The ‘with video’ in title was just referring to the fact that we have a video of the injury, not the tears. Although I’m sure L’il Leo is having a soft, almost silent weep behind his clasped hands.

    @Nuno: On closer inspection I think you’re probably right. The first few replays on the video don’t do the tackle ‘justice’, but I’ve studied the angle shown at the 0.41 mark a few times and it does seem pretty malicious. Ufjalusi goes in hard deliberately on Messi’s ankle.

  4. Nuno says:

    Chris, indeed first time I saw it, it didn’s look that bad, just a nasty challenge, but after a few replays I think the ref got it quite right with the red card. And after seeing this picture, I had no doubt:

    “Ouch” just doesn’t seem enough…

  5. kahhoe says:

    good news to barca coz his bad mouth messi is injured! i hope he will never recovered his injuries! you bad mouth other people, then you get it! Go to hell ‘Bastard Messi’!

  6. yuan says:

    i very happy to see him injured! well done you bastard Messi! God punished you coz you bad mouth other people!

  7. Hootie says:

    Ufjalusi was on a yellow. My feed of the game didn’t show whether it was a straight red or second yellow, but I’m pretty sure it warranted a yellow.

    Also, are kanhoe and yuan bots or just assholes?

  8. Tinez says:

    Disagree totally with it being described as malicious. Ujfalusi just badly miss-times the tackle.

  9. Jimbo says:

    mate thanks for sharing that link. I hadn’t seen the video, but that photo is brutal.

    Yuan and kahhoe are obviously the same person. ‘bastard messi’ what? he’s like the least offensive player around, fucking hell

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