Bayern Munich: Hoeness & Rummenigge Go In Hard On German Media For ‘Slanderous’ Criticism Of Players Before Swiftly Criticising One Of Their Former Players

Chris Wright

19th, October 2018


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Bayern Munich called a specially-convened press conference on Friday morning during which club representatives Uli Hoeness, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Hasan Salihamidzic came out windmilling wildly.

The crux of the Bayern gripe is that the club are bloody well fed up with the incessant criticism their team is attracting from the media at the moment and want it to stop.

Just look how big, nasty and intimidating they tried to be…

Indeed, Hoeness kicked off by barking that it is time for the “most important club in Germany” to take a clear, possibly litigious stand against the onslaught.

Rummenigge then added that Bayern are no longer willing to put up with the “degrading, slanderous” haranguing of their players and their under-pressure coach, Niko Kovac.

Why, anybody would think the Bavarian goliaths have made a largely underwhelming start to the season and currently lie sixth in the Bundesliga after getting trollied 3-0 at home by Borussia Monchengladbach in their last outing or something.

Hoeness and Rummenigge were positively incandescent with righteous indignation, lashing out at various outlets and even individual journalists for picking on individual Bayern players who them deem to be under-performing.

Rummenigge even invoked Article One of Germany’s Basic Law:

We do not accept the criticism of the players in this style. I would like to recall Basic Law: ‘The dignity of man is inviolable’. We will no longer accept the criticism of FC Bayern.

Then, literally minutes later, and without a single iota of irony, Hoeness went and undermined the whole thing when answering a question about the club’s decision to allow Juan Bernat to join PSG over the summer.

You guys keep asking why we sold Bernat, as if the sale of him is the only reason we are losing.

Just look at the Sevilla game and see that this Bernat almost single-handedly made us get knocked out with his errors.

That day we decided to sell him, because his mistakes almost cost us Champions League success.

What was that you were saying about Bayern being above stooping to personal character assassinations, Uli old boy?

According to ESPN correspondent Stefan Buczko, this tiny inconsistency was flagged up by another journalist in the room, which seemed to bring a momentary, slightly embarrassing halt to proceedings.

Hoeness, of course, is the same chap who admonished Mesut Ozil for “being sh*t for years” , among other such nonsense, in a diatribe dating all the way back to July of this year.

Crikey, Bayern lose a few matches, fall a little off the pace and suddenly an atomic bomb goes off in the board room.

We’d like to think that Hoeness and Rummenigge are attempting a distraction tactic to divert the flack from Kovac and his team while they attempt to re-right themselves.

But, honestly, we think that’s giving the two angry dunces far too much credit.

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  1. Dave says:

    The situation in Madrid and Munich is much worse than it is in Manchester. Yet people only talk about United and Moanrinho.

  2. VieuxSang says:

    Ozil is sh*t, has been for a long spell. Classic diversionary tactic of the guilty…”You think I’m bad? Look at these German racists over here!” “You think I’m a bad president? Look at the benefits sucking latin zombies breaching our border!” “You think I was a forgettable actress? Look at who I had to sleep with to be mediocre!”

  3. Andreas says:

    @Dave: Seriously? Bayern Munich have won the German Championship 6 times in a row. SIX times. Now they haven’t won in four games after an impressive start into the season. That’s not comparable whatsoever to what United have been through during the last years.

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