French Gambling Authority To Probe Lyon’s 7-1 Champions League Win Against Dinamo Zagreb

Alan Duffy

8th, December 2011


By Alan Duffy

Lyon players celebrate qualification for the last 16

It looked like game over for Lyon in this year’s Champions League, after the French giants left themselves with an enormous task ahead of the final Group D matchday. Finding themselves three points behind second-placed Ajax, Remi Garde’s side needed to win their final game against Dinamo Zagreb and make up a goal difference of seven to make it to the last 16.

So to last night, and while Ajax were losing 3-0 away to Real Madrid, Lyon were on their way to an incredible 7-1 win which put them ahead of their Dutch rivals and into the last 16. Star of the show was French international Bafetimbi Gomis, who bagged four goals to fire his side into the knock-out stages.

After seeing his own side having a couple of perfectly good goals ruled out against Madrid and duly missing out on a place in the last 16, Ajax coach Frank de Boer said: “I know they (Lyon) were playing against ten men but I’ve also heard some of the goals were very easy. If something strange has happened, we can still prove it.”

ARJEL, the French online gaming authority, also smell a rat and have duly opened an investigation into the game.

Take a look at this footage, which doesn’t do any anything to quell the suspicion that something fishy went on. After Lisandro Lopez scored Lyon’s fifth goal, Zagreb player Domagoj Vida is clearly seen winking and giving a thumbs up in the direction of Gomis. See the video below…

Dodgy with a capital ‘W’, ‘T’ and ‘F’. If Vida is in on some plot, why in the name of sweet baby Jesus would you draw any attention to it by winking half-way through the game?

Looks like Lyon’s place in the last 16 may not be as secure as first thought.

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  1. Archbishop Betty Snagcock says:

    i really think with vida it was something like gomis saying give me the ball thinking they could do it and vida going “sure mate”

    but defo looks like foul play still

  2. Archbishop Betty Snagcock says:

    actually after watching it i think the game may be legit, it looks like they just gave up. shame for lyon ’cause this comeback is legendary

  3. Uri Coronel says:

    Words are not needed anymore after this. Ajax is been stolen. Terrible Music by the way.

  4. Wesley says:

    We (Ajax) have been titty fucked yesterday.

  5. Moe says:

    @Wesley: I think Ajax would enjoy a titty fuck right now

  6. Papi says:

    I actually would have preferred Ajax in the last 16.

  7. Ceezer says:

    Is this even a real story? A wink?

  8. Guy says:

    I believe ABS. is on to the right view of the incident. I would venture to say, in most team sports, almost of all levels, it what you would call apart of the ‘gameship’ of the sport. Even the other night, playing with my team in a rec league, getting pummeled (ended 4-11) but we kind of realized midway through we were out, and so we started messing around. That’s how I would view the incident at individual appearance.

    Now if you ascribe to the thought as there is no such thing as a coincidence, then you might have something to go on here. Crazy things happen in life, truth is always stranger than fiction they say, but for anyone watching what the games what does stick out is the stench of horrible foulness which is too rancid to be just coincidence. Two legit goals in one game. A professional match lacking a good part of the expected competitiveness. Dogs have had a harder time rolling over.

    So I guess the hypothetical question remains: If it was big enough to happen, is it too big to hide itself?

  9. Archbishop Betty Snagcock says:

    @Guy: fuckin well said, always good to see some intellect in the comments

    and it’s true, it’s just too incredible a thing to happen to not be viewed suspiciously, changing sports look at the scorn that people have over lewis hamilton’s title win in 2008, overtaking at the last corner, really???

  10. luke says:

    i dont think its cheating… he could be winking because gomis says “give me the ball you tw*t” or anything….

    ajax were so unlucky to have 2 perfect goals ruled out and it looks like zagreb gave up

  11. BallsDeep says:

    The Linesman screwed Ajax over against Madrid..

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