‘Factually Inaccurate And Completely Unnecessary’ – Cardiff City Supporters Trust Not Happy About Football League Rebrand

Chris Wright

13th, November 2015



We think it’s fairly safe to assume that the majority of the football community are at odds with the Football League’s recent decision to rebrand themselves as the “English Football League” due to the simple fact that it equates to little more than a glib corporate ploy – and an utterly needless one at that.

However, Cardiff City, one of the two Welsh sides currently playing in the 72-team pyramid, have an extra, rather obvious bone of contention.

In fact, the Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust have openly barracked the Football League authorities today over their decision to gloss over the fact that not all teams under their umbrella are actually based in England.

Tim Hartley, chairman of the Trust, told Press Association Sport that he believes the revamp is “insulting” and will do little to benefit many of the teams in the three Football League divisions:

It’s a little bit insulting that both Welsh clubs and potentially many more from lower down the football pyramid will be classed as English.

The rebranding is factually incorrect and completely unnecessary. Newport and Cardiff City are both in the Football League.

“The rebranding will make a lot of money for companies making logos and headed paper but will do nothing for teams playing in the three divisions. What’s the point?

The Football League had status, we knew what it meant, why mess with a brand that clearly works?

I have contacted the club (Cardiff) asking whether they were party to this decision.

[The announcement] was the first we had heard of it. It underlines once again the need for formal, structured consultation between fans, their clubs and the football authorities.

Cardiff’s compatriots over at Newport County (of League Two) are the other Welsh side that will theoretically playing in the English Football League© as of next season.

While neither club have commented publicly on the matter as yet, the PA report that “both are likely to be seeking assurances that their value to the organisation is highlighted”.

Still, at least the fantastic new logo was worth all the hassle…


As we said yesterday, all we see is ‘dishwasher tablets’.

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  1. Swansea Fan says:

    How ironic that Cardiff City would be the ones to complain about a re-brand. What colour are their shirts going to be next season? i hear Green is big in Malaysia at the moment…

  2. ... says:

    there are 3 sides in the 72 league pyramid: Swansea, Cardiff and Newport County

  3. Smallwhy? says:

    Well if they are concerned, why do they not play in the Welsh League?
    Ohh, the money they make from playing in the English league…. beggars cant be choosers

  4. Tom the bees fan says:

    no there is not 3 clubs . swansea are in the premiership. so 2 in the football league. there are more in the 72 league pyarmid 6 i think, for instance wrexham

  5. tel says:

    @… Swansea are in the Premier League, which is a different organisation.

    @Smallwhy Welsh teams have been in the Football League (so called because it was originally THE ONLY football league) for over a century. They could come back to wales and make a bucket playing in Europe every year…

    That logo is bloody shite. It doesn’t signify an English football league in any way and I’ve seen better in Word97 ClipArt.

    • Smallwhy? says:

      A bucket from playing in the qualifying rounds? How? One team to the preliminary rounds of the CL and two in the EL ? Aint no money in that, that is why they play in the English Football League

  6. tel says:

    I do realise the logo has 72 dots in it. Apart from that…

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