Eva Carneiro Exposed Chelsea’s ‘Cheating’

Paul Sorene

16th, August 2015



Why was Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho so enraged when Dr Eva Carneiro dashed on to the field of play and treated a downed Evan Hazard?

Dominic Lawson has an idea, writing in the Sunday Times. He says what really annoyed the Chelsea boss was not Dr Eva’s gender (and, boy, have the tabloids had a field day with abusing that), her decision to place her ethics and professionalism ahead of team tactics or an adherence to the game’s rules (the ref had waved her on) – it was that she had exposed Chelsea’s plot to cheat:

It looked as if the player concerned was badly hurt but he wasn’t — and Mourinho understood this. Indeed the reason why the rules now state that injured players must be removed from the field of play — so the match can continue — is precisely because so many players were feigning injury to waste time.


Lawson adds:

What Mourinho appeared to be saying was that his medical team were not in on the scam — and it was unforgivable that they did not sufficiently grasp that faking or exaggerating injury is part and parcel of the professional game.

In other words, it was their job to spot those rare occasions when the player really was badly injured — and to ignore the referee’s summons when the official might not have realised that this was just play-acting. 

Feigning injury is part of the game. Fool the referee and buy breathing space for your team – Mourinho did say Hazard was “tired”.

It’s hard to know what the truth is. But to avoid a repeat of the Mourinho-Carneiro spat, it’s surely time players used secret signals to tell the bench it’s just an act.

eden hazard diving

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  1. Tellitasitis says:

    Well put, but this is no revelation. Everyone knows how Joke…opps, I mean Jose operates. The poor buggerer is clearly cracking under the heat of his self made spotlight. “Roman, oh Roman, how do I turn this bloody thing off?”

  2. 2 girls 1 schlupp says:

    What a load of shite. We had a freekick in their half at home in the 92nd minute. What motive would Hazard have to waste time? The original writer of that article clearly has an agenda

  3. pkhakheria says:

    Jose mourinho. ..Donald trump of football

  4. Neil #2 says:

    Pies, you’ve done 3 things with this article:
    1)You’ve linked to an article that does indeed reveal the truth of Chelsea’s underhanded tactics.
    2)You’ve spread a blatantly sexist piece of “journalism” with alleged facts about Carneiro’s personal life (even if that c**p article does call her ex a “tool,” the fact of her sex life has nothing to do with the issue at hand). Can you imagine a similar article about Mourinho, with a little link to a text about sex-mad Mourinho? Probably not.
    3)You’ve finally convinced me that this site is a waste of time, and really not worth reading any more. For a little while, you’ve been sliding down the muddy path to tabloid level — forget the humour, interesting links. Bye!

  5. Goodbye says:

    Sorry to say that I agree with Neil #2 here. The article you have linked is terrible, you have also used Dr Carneiro’s name as clickbait – no one mentions Jon Fearn, because he is male and/or not attractive.

    Anyway, players shake off injuries, you can get kicked and need to stay down for 10 seconds before carrying on. The medical team were silly to (1) unnecessarily disrupt Chelsea momentum in the game, and (2) do it so late in the game while Chelsea were trying to grab a winning goal. Even if they were waved onto the field by the referee they should know how the game works.

    None of this “cheating”, “exposed”, “Eva Carneiro” business. This site used to be one of my go-to football sites. Like the comment above said – tabloid level these days.

  6. Dadua Atfembi says:

    Domenic Lawson should obviously stick to rubgy or polo or fox hunting in his Times sports column.
    With a free kick on the edge of the opponents’ penalty area, the match level at 2-2 and time running out to score a winner, why on earth would either Hazard or Mourinho want to “buy breathing space” for the team?
    He was clearly aggrieved, as he always is, that his team were another player short due to an opposition foul and that the medical staff were called on to get Hazard off.
    I’m not sure what can be done in such circumstances but that’s Mourinho’s gripe time and time again.
    As for Eva Carneiro – if she was a 60 year-old bald bloke with a beer gut, this would have blown over a lot quicker.

  7. flowery says:

    I laughed a good laugh at the diving hand signals. {Immaturely, the hand sign for, (Yes, I am) OK!}

  8. Derek Lindsay says:

    Is she a doctor or a physic,what a load of rubbish.There needs to better communication all round.I dont know is it the referee or the manager that gives the nod.

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    Cas panthers

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