Doctor Eva Carniero Quits Chelsea After Failing To Get ‘Simple Apology’ From Jose Mourinho

Chris Wright

23rd, September 2015



As you’re no doubt aware, it was announced yesterday that Dr Eva Carneiro has decided to leave Chelsea some six weeks after being publicly barracked by Jose Mourinho for having the temerity to run onto the pitch to treat an injured (in the most tenuous sense of the word) Eden Hazard.

For her crimes, Dr Carneiro saw her role as club doctor downgraded by Mourinho, as she was told to not attend training sessions, competitive games and/or the Chelsea team hotel in the immediate aftermath.

In the intervening period, Chelsea asked Dr Carniero to return to work but she decided not to while she considered her legal position. Indeed, the Guardian are reporting that she is currently preparing to sue her former employers over her “public humiliation”.

Not that it needed to get to this point. In fact, according to the Evening Standard, Dr Carniero would have been perfectly willing to return to her post had she received a “simple apology” from Mourinho.

The Standard also have word from Anna Kessel, co-founder and chair of the Women in Football, an organisation that has been offering Carniero support and guidance for the past few weeks.

Kessel states that she backed Carniero’s decision to quit and feels that the entire mess surrounding the incident is entirely of Mourinho’s own making.

Doctor Carneiro did nothing wrong. She should have been straight back at work, with an apology from Mourinho and the whole thing would have blown over very quickly.

It’s quite obvious. Doctor Carneiro fulfilled her duties that day. Had she followed Mourinho’s advice and not treated Eden Hazard, she would have been in breach of general medical guidelines. She did the right thing.

She was subsequently demoted by the club and her position became untenable.

How many of us could go back to a lesser job with hugely reduced duties having done nothing wrong and with no apology from the club, no retraction or acknowledgement that a huge error had been made by Mr Mourinho?

Quite so. What a ridiculously unnecessary nonsense this has become, and all due entirely to Mourinho’s unapologetic, nigh-on messianic ego.

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  1. One Man Went to Mow says:

    I’d like to see anyone openly criticize their employer on Social Media and keep their job.

  2. PetrovskyKSC says:

    Mourinho is losing his marbles… In an utterly despicable way.

  3. Fnarf says:

    Mourinho would rather manage and win by subterfuge, personality attacks, and mind games than by playing good football, which is insane, because he’s a very talented manager. But it doesn’t matter to him; he’d rather be manipulative and dishonest. It’s like a sickness with him.

    Best of luck in the future, Dr. C.

  4. King jeff says:

    Haters leave my darling jose and chelseafc alone,1st it was ffp,then dr eva and now it is diego,and the fa shud ve their fixture date with chelsea writting out,coz we play 39 matches different the other teams.

  5. Si says:

    Mourinho has done very little here, at least in the public eye. He lambasted *both* medical staff on that day (can anyone name the bloke without Googling it?) and, afterwards, the club has kept everything internal.

    It has been the press that has dragged this through the mud, bringing up Eva’s sex life (would they have bothered if she were a bloke?). From an employment law perspective, I suspect that is not enough to constitute constructive dismissal on Chelsea’s end, as they surely cannot be held responsible for the actions of the press.

    In any case, it will be an interesting few weeks for Chelsea.

  6. Karma_Flattens_Dogma says:

    Yes, all these antics appear insane, nay unsane, but when you consider the great Krishnamurti quote then everything becomes quite clear…

    “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

  7. Mourinho is not a good profissional.He can´t work in a team.He have been doing this all the time,but now he is paying for all.He don´t understand the role of a dr in one team.There are 4 parts in a team.
    Individual technic, strategy,medical and psychological.Mourinho belongs more to strategy.He his a sick couch.

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