Foden and Greenwood accused of bringing girls back to England team hotel in Iceland

Ollie Irish

7th, September 2020

Harry Maguire: I will represent England away from home, lads.

Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood: Hold our energy drinks…

Foden and Greenwood allegedly invited two girls back to the England team hotel in Reykjavik on Saturday night after the team’s forgettable 1-0 Nations League win over Iceland, breaking coronavirus quarantine rules in the process. If the story is true, England manager Gareth Southgate will have no choice but to throw them out of the squad. The FA is currently investigating the allegations.

The story was broken by Icelandic publication DV, which said the girls had revealed the hook-up to their Snapchat followers on Sunday. DV interviewed the girls, who told them they did not want to discuss the matter as they did not want to get the players into trouble – which begs the obvious question: then why did you post a clip of the alleged encounter to Snapchat?

From DV:

In the Snapchat videos obtained by DV one of the girls can be heard saying: “Casual Sunday here with XXXXX. She was booking a hotel to meet who?” prompting an answer from the other one: “Mason Greenwood, and I’m nervous. Very fucking nervous.”

And now it’s Foden and Greenwood who will be very fucking nervous. Particularly Foden, who has a long-time partner and a two-year old son.

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