Dutch Linesman Dies After Being Beaten On The Pitch By Teenage Players

Chris Wright

4th, December 2012


By Chris Wright

Sad news to start the morning in that a Dutch man has died as a result of the injuries he sustained when he was attacked by a group of teenage players while acting as linesman in a Sunday league match.

Richard Nieuwenhuizen, who was 41, was punched and kicked repeatedly by three players from Amsterdam-based club Nieuw Sloten then collapsed and was taken to hospital. He died the next day, effectively kicked to death in front of his own son on a Sunday league football pitch.

As he did every weekend, Nieuwenhuizen had been running the line for Buitenboys football club while his own son had been playing in the game.

According to the BBC, three teenagers, aged between 15 and 16, have been arrested and taken into police custody.

Buitenboys broke the tragic news on Monday evening via their official Twitter feed: “Our linesman Richard died at 17:30 in front of his family. This violence must stop on the pitch! #stopsenselessviolence.”

Buitenboys’ club chairman Marcel Oost also told Dutch broadcasters NOS: “[Richard] enjoyed doing it. He was a real football man; he was always here.”

Nieuw-Sloten said they were “deeply shocked” by the incident, and that they fully intend to issue lifetime bans to the three players responsible. They have also pulled their team out of the league and ‘temporarily suspended all their operations as a club.’

There are no words.

(Image: Spitsnieuws)

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  1. Chimpo says:

    A lifetime ban for manslaughter ?!

    • Chris says:

      @Chimpo: Given that the club have no judicial powers, it’s probably the most they can do. Unless you’re shocked that the punishment is too harsh?

  2. Davy says:

    I’m sorry but I just can’t get my head around this!! Thoughts with the family of this guy

  3. Eckpfosten says:

    A lifetime ban from freedom would be enough…

  4. Chimpo says:


    Shocked that’s the only punishment mentioned!

  5. Jood says:

    Their club don’t have any legal authority to do more than ban them They cooperate with the police in this case

  6. Benjamin says:

    Little update from Holland. 3 teenagers have been arrested and will be tried for Manslaughter (not sure in voluntary or involuntary). All amateur league matches have been suspended next matchweekend and both professional leagues will honor Richard with one minute of silence before every match.

    A terribly tragedy indeed.

  7. Wesley says:

    Being from The Netherlands I can tell you that these boys can get a maximum FA ban for three years for being minors. It used to be a lifetime ban, but they thought ‘hey kids deserve a second chance’. I don’t believe they gave the linesman his, so now the national politics will probably interfere and change the rules back. Unfortunately, these kids will get away with minor jailtime, because that is how we roll here. Minors will almost never get more then 5 years, and since they called it manslaughter instead of murder, it will be even less. So they’re 19, they are free to go and play soccer. Well I’ll be damned it they let that happen. Freakin’ pussycountry I live in…

  8. person says:

    Would it not be considered insensitive to label this article in the “fail” category, alongside other tragedies such as Liam Ridgewell wiping his arse on money?
    Just a thought

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