World Cup Vine: Thomas Muller And Germany Make Dog’s Dinner Of Free-Kick Routine vs Algeria

Alan Duffy

30th, June 2014


By Alan Duffy

They may have ultimately won this last 16 battle with Algeria, but Germany’s free-kick in the second-half was a thing of comedic beauty, an over-intricate training ground move turns farcical by Thomas Muller’s slip. Beautifully crap.

Here are two vines which show the Keystone Cops free-kick in all it’s silly glory.

(Vines: @ActuaFutbol, @Gooooal)

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  1. smrc says:

    Doesn’t anybody see it was meant to be like that (well, perhaps with scoring at the end)?

    Look at the way he ‘slips’ as well at the lack of reaction of the other german players. Also the pass was aimed towards Müller because apparently Germans thought Algerians would not focus on him at that moment.

    Maybe it wasn’t really brilliant, but I was really pissed when commentators joked about that.

  2. thomess says:

    Yeah, agreed!
    First thought was that the slip was all part of the plan!
    And he was left unattended, the final lofted ball just need more oooomph!

  3. A bomb says:

    Intentional or not, it looks pretty freaking hilarious and is definitely worth joking about. If he falls over, that’s obviously funny esp. the way he does it. If it’s a routine… the idea itself is horrible and was never going to work. Even funnier that way.

  4. rob says:

    “They do it on purpose Lynn”

  5. Chris says:

    Total crappen sie bitte.

  6. arsenalroo says:

    Mesut was all like, “no, please.”

  7. smrc says:

    Am I mistaken those were them on that World Cup who did that routine with a million or so players jumping above the ball before free kick? Also remember the paper-scissors-rock game routine in Bayern. These are tricky Germans!

    (ok, there was also Robben in that Bayern one)

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