Swiss Amateur Footballer Hit With Gargantuan 50-Year Ban For Kicking Ball In Referee’s Face

Chris Wright

1st, November 2014

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By Chris Wright

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An amateur player from Switzerland has been administered a gargantuan 50-year suspension after a fairly petty-sounding altercation with a referee at full-time of a recent game in the Bern regional leagues.

Ricardo Ferreira, who plays (or played) for Portugal FC, was an unused substitute during his side’s 1-0 defeat to SC Worb in the Fussballverband Bern.

However, obviously incensed with the referee’s performance, Ferreira became embroiled with the official in the tunnel after the game – hurling insults at him before belting a football directly into his face.

Swiss newspaper Blick add that Ferreira also topped off the performance by squirting water on the referee from his water bottle.

Now, we could forgive you that a half-century ban seems a little excessive for what boils down to a fairly childish scuffle, but it would seem that the Swiss amateur football league are currently attempting to crack down on violent conduct and, as such, are making an example of Ferreira – who, it should be said, has previous in that department.

Again according to Blick, the 28-year-old player has already served a total of 45-games’ worth of suspensions over the past few years, with his offences ranging from general abuse and assault of opponents right through to slapping a whistle out of a referee’s mouth.

“We do not want such a player in our league,” said Robert Breiter, the lawyer of Switzerland’s amateur football league.

“Unfortunately we encounter such cases about once a year.”

Ferreira was left baffled by the sentence, adding: “I had expected one or two years maximum. But 50 years? Football’s my life.”

Perhaps you should have thought about that before you were such a tremendous arsehole to everyone, Ricardo?

It’s not all doom and gloom for Ferreira though, as Blick have calculated that he will now be free to return to the sport he so dearly loves  as early as June 5th, 2064 – by which time he’ll be 78-years-old.

Every cloud…

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  1. Timöthy says:

    I really hope he does make a comeback in 2064…

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