Moron: Colombia Midfielder Edwin Cardona Aims Racist Gesture At South Korean Opponent During Suwon Friendly (Video)

Chris Wright

10th, November 2017


Two goals from Tottenham’s Son Heung-Min saw South Korea register a 2-1 win over Colombia on Friday, but the friendly in Suwon has become a point of discussion for an altogether different reason.

Indeed, Colombia midfielder Edwin Cardona is at the epicentre after the substitute was caught making a moronic “slant eye” gesture at South Korean right-back Choi Chul-Soon behind the referee’s back.

The scuffle began in earnest when James Rodriguez fouled Kim Jin-Su, only to then hit the deck himself in utterly laughable circumstances…

As the two sets of players milled about in the aftermath, the touchline cameras picked up Cardona aiming racial abuse at his opponent through the rabble…

What a quick and efficient way to show everybody you’re a f**king idiot.

Here’s hoping FIFA throw the book at him given the clarity of the evidence – not that we’re holding our breath unduly.

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  1. Fart Garfunkel says:

    Similar thing happened a while back here in the States in the World Series. As someone of Asian descent, I was initially incensed at Gurriel, who is from Cuba, but I gave him a slight pass after learning that things are little different there. That said, given the context and to make this gesture directly to an opponent is straight up racist bullshit.

  2. Jester says:

    Absolute bellend. He should be banned for several games and made an example of. I hope he is brought to justice and heavily shamed on social media. James also, laughable and completely ridiculous! He should get a hefty ban, and I hope to mock him forever more. What a pair of cunts.

  3. Anthony says:

    You guys are so sensitives and weak minded, it was a mocking gesture born out of the heat of the moment… racism is much more complex than that, much more complex than a simple gesture…
    All of you who wants to be ”politically correct” seem appalled for such stupidity…. embarrassing

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