Circling The Drain: Serie C Bottom Side Pro Piacenza Stuffed 20-0 By Cuneo After Naming Makeshift Team Of Just Seven Teenage Ringers (Photo)

Chris Wright

17th, February 2019

Photo via Football Italia

If you thought your side had it rough this weekend, then spare a thought for Serie C’s bottom side Pro Piacenza.

Having forfeited their four previous matches due to a lack of players, penniless Piacenza knew that ducking out of a fifth consecutive fixture would see them expelled from the league entirely.

So, with the club’s senior players and staff reportedly unpaid since August, the lowly side managed to scrape together a team of teenage ringers – just seven of them, all aged between 16 and 19 – and sent them out against mid-table professional opposition.

Piacenza are also without a manager, so their 19-year-old captain was forced to stand in and do double duty.

Cuneo had previously only scored 18 goals in the league all season (24 games) but soon found themselves 13-0 up inside the first 35 minutes, going in at half-time with a commanding, if slightly hollow 16-goal advantage…

The home side eased off in the second half and managed to limit themselves to just four more goals as they ran out 20-0 victors, with three players scoring hat-tricks including a double hat-trick for Hicham Kanis.

However, given that Piacenza now face an Italian Football Federation hearing on 11th March that may well see them liquidated, there’s a chance that the scoreline won’t be allowed to stand and that all Cuneo’s hard work will have been in vain.

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