Harry Maguire sent off after 30 minutes against Denmark – but let’s leave him alone, eh

Ollie Irish

14th, October 2020

As if his 2020 could get any worse, Harry Maguire has just been sent off for England against Denmark. Cue the inevitable torrent of vitriolic tweets. A taster:

And that from a former broadsheet football journalist (now The Athletic). Maguire was better than adequate last season, but don’t let that fact stand in the way of your pompous hot take.

Family Guy. Nice reference… in 2007.

Even Paddy Power aren’t this pathetic.

Ironic wit. Boom tish. Better than most, I suppose.

You get the gist. BANTER. MEMES. #Mykonos is trending. Anonymous people voicing negative, often hateful opinions with zero consequences. This is what Twitter does when public figures fuck up, but how can you not feel even a little sorry for Maguire. He’s bang out of form, blatantly, but then he’s endured a truly miserable couple of months.

I can only imagine the state of his mental health right now – he looked genuinely anguished when he saw red. So, you know, perhaps think about giving him a break instead of piling on for likes and retweets; twatting the ball into an open goal from two yards out is for pricks.

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